5 Smart Space-Saving Tables

Interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style
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Downsized living has become popular for being cost-effective and reducing a person's carbon footprint. But it does present some challenges when it comes to fitting all the furniture you need. For instance, how do you throw a dinner party for all your friends at your tiny table that seats two? Fortunately, furniture designers have taken note of the minimalist trend and are creating more functional and space-saving pieces that can transform to fill multiple roles in the home.

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    A Stealthy Little Dining Set

    Paket table and chairs

    When they're all folded up, the Paket table and chairs appear to be a stylish end table. But when it’s time to entertain, the unit unfolds into a dining set that can accommodate four people. The square table measures 43 inches across when it is open and only 25 inches in its collapsed form, making it ideal for small spaces. It's made of laminated birch and powder-coated metal for extra protection against food and drink spills.

    Paket table, $499, Pure Design

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    An Expanding Console Table

    Expand furniture red table
    Expand Furniture

    This sleek transforming table from Expand Furniture makes a bold statement both as a console and a dining table. In its compact console form—which you also could use as a workspace—the table only has a depth of 15.75 inches. But as a dining table, it expands using four leaflets to 90.5 inches long and can comfortably sit eight to 10 people. Plus, it features wheels and fabric sliders to make the transformation a snap.

    Junior Giant Edge Modern Dining Table, $1,995, Expand Furniture

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    Mirror, Mirror on the Table

    Side-by-side images of furniture folded up as a mirror or down as a table

    If you're up for a DIY challenge, try making a customized space-saving table like this fold-out mirror. When you want to pull up a seat, the mirror unhinges to reveal a small table that can serve as a work area or dining space for one or two people. This type of small-scale, multifunctional furniture is often seen in tiny house living, but the concept can work for anyone who would like to reduce clutter and maximize space in their home.

    Folding mirror table from Handimania

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    A Bookshelf You Can Eat On

    Transforming furniture piece in its shelf form and table form

    Here is a very efficient double-duty piece of furniture that can tackle both your entertaining and your storage needs. When it's not being used for dining, transform this table back into a five-shelf bookcase. This could be the perfect solution for people who only occasionally have dinner parties but otherwise have no need for a full dining table and want to boost their home's storage space.

    Classy Convertible Dining Table Bookshelf, $800, Overstock

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    Fine Dining at the Coffee Table

    Transforming coffee table with a blue couch
    Expand Furniture

    Also from Expand Furniture, this modern coffee table is much more than a place to set your TV remote. It can be raised and extended on each end to transform into a functional dining table that seats eight. There’s also a slightly larger version of this coffee table that can comfortably seat 10 as a dining table.

    Span Table, $1,795, Expand Furniture