13 Smartphone Apps Young Adults Will Love

Young woman using smartphone
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Nothing is more important to the daily lives of young adults than their smartphones. They communicate, track, manage, play and stay connected to the world on their devices. Beyond Candy Crush and SnapChat, what other apps can be useful to Millennials as they go about their day? 


Prevent parking fees: Travelers, commuters, and shoppers can all bid farewell to parking tickets thanks to Parkmobilethe innovative new app that's revolutionizing parking across cities nationwide and saving drivers a bundle.

With Parkmobile, drivers can find parking spots in real-time and then pay using their smartphone -- no need to carry coins, cash or cards. What's more, users can easily "refill the meter" with just a tap of their finger.

For the most accurate, hyperlocal weather reports, Dark Sky is the app you want. Great for planning for events, Dark Sky can give you up-to-the-minute reports about what to expect, weather-wise, in your corner of the world. 

Shipping substituteRoadie is a new peer-to-peer, app-based shipping community that’s tapping into the more than one billion square feet of excess capacity in passenger vehicles already on the road.  The service connects people with stuff to send with drivers already heading in that direction. Roadie’s model enables efficient, low cost delivery with pricing based on size not weight. So helpful for college students moving from place to place and peripatetic Millennials.

Young adults who travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, will appreciate Google Trips. Connected to the user's Gmail account, Google trips gathers all of your travel information in one convenient app, and offers suggestions for places to see in cities being visited. 

If you need help with focusing and staying on task, 30/30 is a lifesaver.

Program in what you need to get done, share lists of tasks with others, and then let your smartphone guide you through time commitments. 

Electronics exchangeGazelle.com, the leading trade-in site for consumer electronics, offers certified, pre-owned devices. Consumers can get great deals on everything from smartphones to tablets and even MacBooks – up to 45% less than new devices. Gazelle’s pre-owned gadgets have no contracts and payment plans help make upgrading easy and affordable.

Better BankingChimpChange helps improve spending and saving habits by delivering a modern, free and community banking experience through the ease of an app. All users also get a linked prepaid MasterCard that can be used to make purchases, pay bills or withdraw cash anywhere, that can help prevent overspending and create smart financial practices, which young adults need to learn about. 

For environmentally conscious and eco-friendly personal care products, Think Dirty® is an app that will help make shopping much easier. Avoiding toxic chemicals is now just a barcode scan away. With so many Millennials focused on living healthier lives, Think Dirty will be an app they will love to use.

Handwritten to-do lists are so 20th century.

Young adults will love Wunderlist, where they can track and share just about anything they like. Perfect for roommates, young couples and families on the go, Wunderlist keeps everyone organized - even those who don't want to be.

Like handwritten lists, check writing is fast becoming a quaint memory of earlier times. If you know a Millennial or young adult who isn't using VenMo, it would be surprising. An easy and quick way to transfer money from person to person, VenMo is the solution to the age-old problem of splitting the check. No more cash is needed - just VenMo your dinner companions. 

If budget doesn't allow for a personal trainer or life coach, Coach.me (iOS only) is the next best thing. Decide what goals you have in mind and Coach.me will lead you through the steps and commitments needed to reach them.

If you're trying to quit a bad habit, Coach.me can help with that, too.

For young adults still in school, myHomework helps organize all of your assignments in one place. With a corresponding teacher's app, students can get information from those instructors who are using this convenient tool. No more scribbled notes to try and sort out - homework assignments are easy to manage with myHomework.