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The Bottom Line

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There are many who want to be able to smoke up their own barbecue, but may not want to deal with controlling fires, or regulating temperatures. The Smokin' Tex, like most electric smokers, takes the guesswork out of the process and lets you focus on the food, or maybe, work. This smoker is simple to use, thanks to its basic function. It does lose a little versatility thanks to the preprogrammed design, but it is a great smoker for those who don't want to light fires or adjust vents.


  • Highly insulated cabinet for efficiency
  • Large capacity


  • Temperature range is somewhat limited


  • 1,300 square inches of cooking rack space
  • Two 700 watt heating elements
  • 80-pound maximum smoking capacity or 40 pounds of ribs
  • Stainless steel dual layer construction with 850 degrees F. insulation in between
  • Four racks fit into 8 positions with one rack being specifically designed for seafood
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Made in China by Smokin' Tex

Guide Review - Smokin' Tex Pro Smoker Model 1400

The advantage of an electric smoker is that it can be loaded it up with food and wood, plugged in, turn on and you can head off to work. Thermostatic temperature control in a metal box and the user has little more to do than wait for the food. On the downside, electric smokers can be limited and inflexible. Like so many similar products, the Smokin' Tex Pro 1400 has both of these. As a nice touch, the two 700 watt heating elements give you enough power to reach smoking temperatures while allowing you to cut back on the power usage.

The "problem" is that the preset controls give this unit smoking temperatures between 100 and 250 degrees F. Sounds about right. This smoker will smolder along at temperatures low enough for making jerky (particularly if you buy the $100USD Jerky Dryer) while still hitting the traditional barbecue temperatures.

In fact, the Smokin' Tex cookbook has no recipes that call for temperatures above 250 degrees F. What, however, do you do if you think that 275 degrees are better for your holiday turkey or even that big brisket. After all, the first rule of barbecue is that there are no rules and there should be no restrictions.

Putting aside this little problem, which may or may not be a real problem, this is a good, well built electric smoker. To build an electric smoker, you need a heating element, a couple of racks to hold the food, a way to generate smoke, all loaded up in a box to keep the heat and smoke where you want it. Sounds like a simple device, right? Unfortunately, there are those that think you can improve a product by making it more complex. Fortunately, Smokin' Tex has largely avoided the temptation. The Pro 1400 is a large capacity, well insulated, metal box smoker that is easy to use. You can make good, honest barbecue and as much as 40 pounds of it with this smoker, without having to work for it.