Using Smoky Quartz in Feng Shui Practice

smoky quartz crystals
The Spruce / Kara Riley

For New Age enthusiasts, alternative healers, and feng shui practitioners, smoky quartz offers a unique set of attributes that sets it apart from other crystals and even from other quartzes. Like all quartz, smoky quartz is a silica-dioxide crystal, but in this case, the crystal is given brownish cloudiness due to natural radiation that has colored some of the free silica in the mineral. The color of smoky quartz can range from a slight grayness to a dark reddish-brown.

Smoky quartz is one of the most common crystals available, which makes it quite affordable and easy to obtain. Still, the smoky quartz has specific properties that give it specific uses.

closeup of smoky quartz crystals
The Spruce / Kara Riley

The Energy of Smoky Quartz

The earthy cloudiness of smoky quartz gives the energy of this crystal a unique grounding property, even while it uplifts. Smoky quartz is thought to provide subtle energy of both protection and balance. The unique union of strong grounding and protective energy combined with light, soothing, and uplifting energy is what distinguishes smoky quartz from other protective crystals and stones—including other quartzes.

You can often find rutiles (also called angel hairs) when you carefully study the inner world of a piece of smoky quartz. Rutiles are reddish-brown threads of titanium dioxide that crystalize within the quartz due to natural earth radiation, but for crystal owners, these golden threads represent streams of healing, clarity, and awareness. You can also often find rainbows and other mesmerizing formations within the depths of smoky quartz. Just as with clear quartz, one can spend many hours exploring the inner life of smoky quartz.

Using Smoky Quartz in Feng Shui

In feng shui, the smoky quartz is used as a protective stone as well as a stone that grounds energy. The power of the crystal can be provided by crystal carvings, tumbled stones, crystal balls, or in the natural form of a cluster, point, or geode. The energy of smoky quartz works well when placed near the front door, as this is where it can best perform its protective function. A tower/generator works well for this purpose, as will a crystal cluster. You can also place smoky quartz in a child's room close to a big window, or your home office. The energy of smoky quartz can also enrich the northwest and the northeast Bagua areas of your home or office.

Choosing a Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz comes in a variety of forms—from tumbled rocks to clusters, small points to impressive generators. Generally distributed around the world, smoky quartz can originate from almost anywhere, though most commercial supplies come from Brazil, the U.S., Australia, and China. 

If your budget allows, choose at least one smoky quartz tower/generator for your home. You can find them in most crystal shops. Tumbled smoky quartz stones are a very affordable solution that is even easier to find. There are also plenty of little souvenirs or sculptures made of smoky quartz, as well as a variety of jewelry pieces featuring smoky quartz.

Just as with the citrine crystal, it is important to choose natural smoky quartz (not a heat-treated one). Natural smoky quartz will have a sense of lightness and translucency to it, even in its deeper tones.