25 Snack Storage Ideas to Keep Your Stash Organized

snack storage ideas

Michelle Berwick Design

We are a nation of snackers, and keeping those sweet and salty treats organized can be a challenge. Here are some stylish ideas for organizing your snacks, from the kitchen to the pantry to the game room, basement rec room, or home theater that will keep the whole family's cravings satisfied without cluttering up the house.

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    Kid-Friendly Snack Storage

    pantry snack storage ideas

    Breathing Room Organization + Styling

    Storing wholesome snacks where kids can see and reach them is one way to encourage them to eat an apple instead of a candy bar, like this kid-friendly pantry from Breathing Room Organization + Styling.

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    Kid-Friendly Pantry Snack Storage

    pantry snack storage

    Neat Method NYC

    Neat Method NYC created kid-friendly snack storage in this small kitchen pantry by keeping snacks organized and labeled in wire baskets on the bottom shelf.

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    Labeled Wire Basket Snack Storage

    snack storage ideas

    Neat Method NYC

    Labeled black wire baskets that contrast against the white shelving make things easy to see and grab in this kitchen pantry organized by Neat Method NYC.

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    Hotel-Style Snack Storage

    guest room snack storage

    A Beautiful Mess

    A Beautiful Mess added a hotel-style guest room bar cart stocked with snacks to make visitors feel welcome. The cart is a flea market find that was polished up with a fresh coat of paint and lined with wire baskets that hold snacks, with extra travel-sized toiletries, fresh towels, and a small bouquet of flowers tucked between them.

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    Playroom Snack Storage

    playroom snack storage

    Cake and Confetti

    Cake and Confetti gave this upstairs playroom wet bar a colorful makeover, turning it into a kid-friendly snack bar by adding a mini fridge for beverages and countertop snack display baskets and jars that doesn't require a trip downstairs.

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    Hidden Snack Storage

    hidden snack storage ideas

    Breathing Room Organization + Styling

    In this pantry from Breathing Room Organization + Styling, candy is stored on the top shelf in a closed basket and identified with a small hand-written label to help keep it just out of sight and reach.

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    Transparent Snack Storage

    acrylic snack storage

    Cake and Confetti

    Cake and Confetti used transparent acrylic snack storage containers in a number of shapes from bowls to bins to jars that makes everything visible and easy to access.

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    Media Room Snack Storage

    media room snack storage

    Design by Albie K. Buabeng for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Ellie Lillstrom

    In this media room designed by Albie K. Buabeng for Emily Henderson Design, a tiered storage cart is stacked with a selection of treats with a pair of glass candy jars on the top shelf.

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    Snack Storage Labels

    snack storage ideas

    Cake and Confetti

    Cake and Confetti added decorative labels to personalize inexpensive acrylic candy storage containers.

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    Basement Snack Storage Cart

    snack storage ideas

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Michelle Berwick Design added a rolling wooden bar cart to this finished bungalow basement that is equipped with movie night snacks from a mini popcorn maker to jars full of colorful candy to wine storage and glasses for the grown-ups.

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    Sweet and Salty Snack Storage

    pantry snack storage

    Most Lovely Things

    Clear plastic bins keep shelves of sweet and salty snacks organized in this pantry space from Most Lovely Things.

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    Rec Room Snack Storage

    rec room snack storage

    Christina Kim Interior Design / Raquel Langworthy Photography

    This moody basement reno rec room from Christina Kim Interior Design is outfitted with a built-in wet bar that houses refreshments for the adults and snacks for the whole family for game nights, movie nights, and other off duty leisure activities.

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    Fresh Snack Storage

    healthy snack storage

    Breathing Room Organization + Styling

    Keeping fresh snacks like fruit neatly stored in clear bins in the refrigerator makes it convenient to opt for a healthier choice, like this fridge from Breathing Room Organization + Styling that is stocked with whole foods.

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    Basement Kitchenette Snack Storage

    basement kitchenette snack storage

    Design by House of Jade Interiors / Lindsay Salazar Photography

    This cottage style basement kitchenette from House of Jade Interiors has a built-in pantry for storing snacks and a glass-front fridge for beverages that is designed to optimize movie and game nights.

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    Seasonal Snack Storage

    seasonal snack storage

    Inspired By Charm

    Storing seasonal snacks on the countertop in ribbon-tied jars can help you feel more festive and double as decor when you're not indulging, like this holiday hot cocoa bar from Inspired By Charm that is set up in the butler's pantry.

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    Candy Jar Snack Storage

    snack storage ideas

    Most Lovely Things

    In this small kitchen pantry from Most Lovely Things, large glass candy jars are used to organize staples including candy bars on the lower shelf.

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    Go Low

    snack storage ideas

    Cake and Confetti

    Cake and Confetti stored baskets labeled "chips" next to a canned drink holder on the bottom shelf of this kitchen pantry to keep them accessible. A bowl of fruit and a cake stand topped with a glass cloche keeps perishable snacks on view.

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    Closed Snack Storage + Countertop

    snack storage ideas

    Victoria Bell Design

    Victoria Bell Design left this kitchenette counter bare for use as a display area for snacks and beverages that are otherwise neatly stored in the closed cabinetry when snack time is over.

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    Vintage Bar Cart Snack Storage

    vintage bar cart snack storage

    A Beautiful Mess

    A Beautiful Mess used a vintage bar cart to create a guest room snack station that is customized for friends and family, with a changing pantry tailored to food allergies or including kid-friendly snacks for parents traveling with little ones. A guest book and a vase of flowers add a thoughtful touch.

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    Snack Storage Labels

    small space snack storage ideas

    Rush Me Home

    Rush Me Home suggests labeling see-through snack storage containers "snacks" so that you can repurpose them for your current preferred snack rather than creating labels for specific items, a handy tip to help keep small pantries in order.

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    All-White Snack Storage

    snack storage ideas

    Breathing Room Organization + Styling

    Breathing Room Organization + Styling used white baskets and transparent storage containers to outfit this all-white snack pantry, keeping the focus on the colorful variety of options.

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    Small Pantry Snack Storage

    snack storage ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    A Beautiful Mess devoted a shelf of this small, deep pantry to snacks, labeling the front side of the shelf to keep things organized and glass jars visible at the front. Hyacinth baskets contain back-ups.

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    Storage Zones

    snack storage ideas

    Thistlewood Farms

    This large wall of kitchen cabinets from Thistlewood Farms is organized into zones, including a dedicated snack area, with uniform storage containers in varying sizes that make goods easy to see, no labels required.

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    Black and White Snack Storage

    snack storage ideas

    Britt Design Studio

    Britt Design Studio used a crisp palette of black, white, and natural tones in this well organized kitchen pantry, dividing it into zones including a generous snack area starting on the first level of shelves.

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    Snackle Storage Box

    snackle box storage

    Inspired By Charm

    This "snackle box" from Inspired By Charm is a (brand new) tackle box filled with an assortment of grazing board-style snacks that is perfect for picnics or appetizers on your patio, porch, or other outdoor space. Those with large enough refrigerators can also use this party trick to store appetizers for a next-day get-together so that they can relax and enjoy their guests from the moment the doorbell rings.

What is the best way to store snacks?

You can store snacks in bins, baskets, glass jars, or dedicated pantry shelves. If you want to keep healthy snacks ready and accessible, store them where it’s easy for you and your family to reach them, be it a kid-height shelf in the pantry or in clear glass jars on the countertop. Store special treats on a higher shelf or in an opaque storage container if you want to keep them out of sight and mind until cheat day comes around.

How can I organize snacks without a pantry?

You don’t need a pantry to organize your snacks. You can organize snacks in a dedicated kitchen drawer or cabinet, on an open wall-mounted shelf, on a set of freestanding shelves, or in labeled glass jars or wire baskets on a countertop.