Snap Pets Selfie Camera for Kids

Snap Pets

Taking "selfies" is a popular thing to do for kids and adults. Now kids can have their own fun way to take selfie pictures with their friends using the Snap Pets selfie camera.

Snap Pets are small, 2-inch tall "pets." They might look like pets or toys on a keychain, but these smart little technology toys have a hidden camera inside. The Snap Pet can send pictures wirelessly to any iOS or Android smartphone through the Snap Pets app using a Bluetooth connection.

Kids can take up to 20 pictures themselves, which are stored on the actual Snap Pet device and can later be transferred to the smartphone from the Bluetooth connection.

Ideas for Snap Pets Pictures

Kids can enjoy using Snap Pets in many different ways to take photos of friends and themselves: 

  • Placing the Snap Pet on a flat surface, kids can gather in front of their Snap Pet and take the photo by pushing a button within the app on their smartphone
  • While holding up the Snap Pet, in true selfie fashion, use the mirror on the front of the toy to kids arrange themselves in the frame, then when ready, pose, smile and push the button on the top of the camera
  • The Snap Pet can also be used as a spy cam! Place the Snap Pet anywhere, then as long as the smartphone is within the same vicinity of the toy, the child can randomly snap photos when they like.

The app has editing features so that photos can be decorated and accessorized before they are shared.

 When the photo is viewed within the app there are filters that add silly and happy icons such as peace signs, flowers, stars, musical notes, rainbows, and words like "la la la." 

Photos can also be printed, saved to the camera roll or shared through texts, emails and social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The Snap Pet itself has a small clasp, allowing it to be attached to a backpack or keychain and it is small enough to fit in a purse or pocket.

It can take a few tries to make sure that everyone is represented in the image frame, and while the quality on the Snap Pet itself is not what you would find using the smartphone camera, kids will enjoy smiling for their Snap Pets and sharing photos with their friends and family.

Setting Up Snap Pets

Once the app is downloaded, out of the box, Snap Pets work right away, without any need to pair or sync the device. However, for future use, the app will not launch unless a Snap Pet is connected.

Snap Pets can be purchased on in a variety of different colors.

Download the Snap Pet app for iPad and iPhone to get in on all the fun.

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