Snowman Crafts

How to Make Snowman Crafts

Check out all of these fun snowman crafts. You will find free patterns and directions to make a wide variety of snowman crafts. You can make everything from button or clay pot snowmen to fancy snowman jewelry. You can also get your snowman crafts published.
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    Bottle and Sock Snow Woman

    Bottle and Sock Snow Woman Craft
    Bottle and Sock Snow Woman.
    Discover how to use some recyclables and fabric scraps to create a fun and unique snow person.
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    Button Snowman
    Button Snowman.
    This miniature snowman is easy to make and you can use it as a magnet, a brooch, an ornament, or even a gift topper.
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    Buttons the Snowman

    Buttons the Snowman Craft
    Buttons the Snowman.
    You can build a snowman in the warmth or your home using a handful of disposable bowls when you follow these instructions shared by Carol.
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    Clay Pot Snow People

    Clay Pot Snow People Craft
    Clay Pot Snow People.
    You can use a small clay pot and wooden bead to make a small snowman like the one I made, or, use the same directions, to make a large one out of a large pot and a styrofoam ball.
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    Coconut Snowmen

    Coconut Snowmen
    Coconut Snowmen. Elizabeth LaBau

    Follow along with this recipe, posted by Elizabeth LaBau, Guide to Candy, and you can make this sweet snowman treat.

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    Cottonball Snowman

    This how-to video features suggestions and tips to help you make a snowman picture using cotton balls and a few basic craft supplies.
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    Glass Ball Snowman Craft
    Glass Ball Snowman.
    This cute snowman is made by filling a clear, round ornament with fake snow. I added all of the details to the snowman face using scraps I had on hand. You can use the same supplies I did or use your imagination and whatever you have lying around.
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    Handprint Snowman Ornament

    Handprint Snowman Christmas Tree Ornamen
    Handprint Snowman Ornament. Rain Blanken
    Learn how you can create a family heirloom using a glass ball and a handprint. You can also learn how to do this craft by watching this how-to video.
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    Lampwork and Wire Snowman Earrings
    Lampwork and Wire Snowman Earrings. Tammy Powley
    Discover how you can craft these easy earrings using some wire and two snowman beads.
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    Light Bulb Snowman

    Light Bulb Snowman
    Light Bulb Snowman.
    A spent light bulb is the perfect shapes to make a snowman out of. Since you cover the lightbulb using paper mache technique, you can also recycle spiral fluorescent light bulbs.
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    Light-Up Snowman Craft

    Light-Up Snowman Craft
    Light-Up Snowman Craft.
    A visitor nicknamed Smurfie shared how she made this cute snowman night light out of an ivy bowl.
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    Marshmallow Snowmen
    Marshmallow Snowmen. Elizabeth LaBau
    Learn how to glue together marshmallows using melted chocolate and then decorate them to look like snowmen.
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    Melting Snowman Craft

    Melting Snowman Craft
    Melting Snowman Craft.
    Even if the weather outside isn't warm enough for snowmen to melt, you can make this cute melting snowman that will leave no puddle to clean up.
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    Paper Towel Roll Snowman

    Paper Towel Roll Snowman Craft
    Paper Towel Roll Snowman.
    A visitor named Anneliese explains how she crafted a cute snowman by painting and embellishing a paper towel roll.
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    Pine Cone Snowman Craft
    Pine Cone Snowman.
    Learn how you can use a pine cone, a couple small twigs, a few pom-poms, and some basic craft supplies to create this cute snowman.
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    Popcorn Snowman
    Popcorn Snowman. Elizabeth LaBau
    Learn how to make popcorn balls, and then use these suggestions to use them to build a tasty snowman.
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    Puzzle Piece Snowman

    Puzzle Piece Snowman Craft
    Puzzle Piece Snowman.
    I made this little snowman out of 10 puzzle pieces I painted white. Follow along with the tutorial and you can make one too.
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    Recycled Snowman Craft
    Recycled Snowman.
    Discover how to build a pretend snowman using items you may have lying around your home along with these directions shared by Michelle.
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    Snowman Beaded Safety Pin

    Snowman Beaded Safety Pin Craft
    Snowman Beaded Safety Pin.
    This cute snowman brooch is made using several safety pins and seed beads.
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    Snowman Candle Holder
    Snowman Candle Holder.
    A visitor named Loni shared this project sheet that teaches you how to cover a baby food jar with tissue paper and then decorate it to look like a snowman.
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    Snowman Candy Jar

    Snowman Candy Jar Craft
    Snowman Candy Jar.
    This cute snowman is made using a canning jar lid that is covered by a small handful of fiberfill and a piece of muslin.
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    Snowman Face Beaded Safety Pin

    Snowman Face Beaded Safety Pin
    Snowman Face Beaded Safety Pin.
    You will be proud to wear this cute little snowman, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to make.
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    Light Bulb Snowman Face Craft
    Snowman Face.
    Learn how to make this cute snowman ornament out of a light bulb covered with snow paint, a child's sock, and a few other supplies.
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    Snowman Poop
    Snowman Poop.
    This is a silly gift that is easy to make and comes with a free, printable bag tag.
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    Sock Snowman Craft
    Sock Snowman.
    This tutorial explains how you can fill a white sock with rice and then decorate it to look like a snowman.