10 Soak-Worthy Small Tubs

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If you crave a luxurious soaking tub but are cursed with a tiny bathroom, here's some good news: There's a wide assortment of scaled-down tubs that deliver maximum comfort in a minimal footprint. I recently posted some tips for choosing a bubble bath-worthy tub that will fit within a small space. Small spaces can be challenging, but with the right decor choices, you can maximize all that space and still have enough to take a deep soaking bath anytime you like.

Here's a sampling of...MORE reasonably-priced small tubs that meet the necessary criteria: no more than 5 ft. long, deep enough that water won't slosh over the sides during an extended soak, well-constructed, widely available and priced under $900:

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    With its beveled edges and gently curved base, this narrow soaking tub from Kohler takes its design cues from Craftsman furniture. The Archer 5' x 30" model features an accessible 19-inch step-over height, and, with the required slotted overflow attachment ($106 - $190) a very comfortable soaking depth. The Archer is manufactured of lighter weight ExoCrylic™, which makes for easier installation and a 90 percent reduction in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), an eco-friendly plus.

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    Kohler's 5' x 30" 'Expanse' model may be compact, but its clever, space-saving design allows plenty of extra room to stretch out and soak. The tub's graceful, curved lines coordinate with both modern and traditional decor.

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    This comfortable 5' x 32" soaking tub features a vintage-inspired design that complements traditional bathroom decor. Constructed from fiberglass-reinforced acrylic for extra durability, the tub includes a spacious backrest, integral apron front and generous 14" depth to overflow.

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    Canadian manufacturer MAAX offers a deep tub with a 20-degree inclined backrest and a choice of deck heights: 2 in. if you're going with an alcove installation; 4 in. if you're planning to drop the tub into a surround.

    This tub will fit your modern decor tastes or suit a more classical look---it all depends on your choice of accessories and decor!

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    Yes, it's a bit over the $900 limit. But American Standard's Colony tub is worth mentioning for a couple of reasons. First, when compared to most whirlpools on the market, this one easily fits within both the "small" and "affordable" categories. Second: it's a whirlpool. This compact 5' x 30" model is constructed of durable fiberglass-reinforced acrylic and features an integral apron and an EverClean® surface — a permanent glaze that protects the pipes from...MORE mold and fungus. A 1.25 HP motor powers six multi-directional jets that range from relaxing swirl to vigorous deep tissue massage. It's like having a spa in the comfort of your own home.
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    Are you living with a streamlined, i.e., skinny bathroom? Expand your possibilities with Kohler's Soisson, a drop-in tub that's just 28 in. wide. Constructed of enameled cast iron, this clean-lined, narrow-width bath features a comfortable curved basin and an easy-to-clean, slip-resistant surface. A Clearflo adjustable pop-up drain is a required extra purchase (MSRP: $211.70)
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    This 5' x 30" bathtub is made of Americast, which is American Standard's alternative to cast iron. Americast is durable and lighter than cast iron. This integral apron tub has a porcelain finish and features a full-slip resistant surface, headrest and lumbar support. A great budget, stylish choice for any bathroom.

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    American Standard

    The American Standard Evolution II tub is, well, an evolved version of the Evolution I. This 5' x 30" tub is perfect for a good soak. It has a form-fitting backrest and a textured bottom to reduce slipping, as well as a water retention flange.

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    The Hydrosystems Kona tub is a small oval tub that doesn't sacrifice on soaking power. Although the smallest comes at 5' x 36" and a 15" height, you can buy a 20" height version for an ever deeper soak. You can choose between four heights to fit your bathroom and your needs.

    If you have the budget, you can add a whirlpool option, for even more soaking and relaxation at bath time.

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    American Standard

    Another American Standard model, the Princeton tub is made of a light material that's half the weight of cast iron. It also has lumbar support and an anti-slip finish. The luxury ledge has plenty of space to keep all your bathtime and shower essentials.

    This tub is affordable at under $600, and is a great budget option for a price-conscious home renovator.

There's nothing like running a warm bath, adding a few drops of essential oil or some bubble bath, and relaxing after a long day at work or taking care of your family. Even if you have a small bathroom, there's no reason to skimp on soaking! Shorter yet still soak-worthy tubs, affordably priced, will give you all the soaking space you need, even for only 5 feet long.