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    A Social Media Sensation

    Courtesy of Paper Magazine/Jean-Paul Goude

     When photographer Jean-Paul Goude shot Kim Kardashian for PAPER magazine's #BreaktheInternet photo shoot, the publishers, the editors and the interviewee knew exactly what they were doing. A social media frenzy pushed this issue into the forefront of pop culture, where Kim out-Kardashianned herself! Undeniably, Kim Kardashian is a style icon for millions of women under the age of 30. With such clout and certifiable influence (plus tons of curves), Kim is a walking, talking, selfie-shooting...MORE Barbie. Kim Kardashian is the embodiment--with the emphasis on "body"--that nothing is private anymore. 

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    Courtesy of Robert Tonner

    Billed as "Social Media Star DeDe Denton," Tonner's newest diva has an allure that will have younger collectors hoping to keep up with her appearances. Designed for adults, the DeDe doll is perfect for teens who still have an attachment to the dolls of their childhood. The Tonner label is a premium brand, so many teenagers who would shy away from wanting a Barbie will gravitate to this creation. Additionally, the doll, which represents a social media powerhouse, speaks the language...MORE of the 13- to 20-year-old set. DeDe is shown here in her "Drinks Before Dinner" incarnation.

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    Turning Heads

    Courtesy of Tonner Doll Company

    The White Hot outfit (doll is not included) is a sophisticated ensemble that most older teens and young women would love to have hanging in their closets! Doll designer Robert Tonner comes from a fashion background, and he utilizes these creative skills and meticulous eye when he conceives his doll lines' wardrobes. If you have a daughter who is into Project Runway or devours Vogue magazine in a single sitting, this doll and her accessories are a great gift for the holidays and for...MORE year-round.

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    Blond Ambition

    Courtesy of E Online

    Kim isn't solo in her quest for Internet domination. Her sisters excel at texting and tweeting their way into the spotlight. With a breathless populace that follows their every clothing move and hair color decisions, the social media stars are the true stars of today. Ask your daughters to talk about who or what they follow on YouTube, and you'll never feel older in your life! It's a brave frontier and young women are ruling it.

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    Business and Pleasure

    Courtesy of Tonner Dolls

    Today's Instagram and Snap Chat queens run their own shows. They pose how they want, and post when they feel like it. Social media is the way by which a majority of the world's under-40 crowd communicates. For the 17- to 30-year-old group, nearly 100% text, pin, vine and poke. These young women who control the social media world are determined to be seen and heard. Tonner captures this in his Executive Sweet doll, which is sexy, sultry and savvy.

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    Powerful in Pink

    Courtesy of Tonner Dolls

    The Manhattan Blush doll symbolizes the new breed of young women. They aren't afraid to drape themselves in couture and pamper themselves with mani-pedis. These are girls who believe in Girl Power, not girl victimhood. Dolls are an amazing homage to the beauty, confidence and "stand back, world" attitude that many young women flaunt today. DeDe Denton could be the poster girl for "Who says you can't be smart and love your Smartphone?"

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    Radiant and Fiery

    Courtesy of Tonner Dolls

    The Screen Tested outfit is an evening gown that would look splendid for a red-carpet event. Who knows what the social media queen in your family will achieve? There could be a Blogger of the Year Award waiting down her path. It's a different world from the one most parents have grown up in. Aspiring to be a Social Media Star is not far-fetched at all. Even though DeDe Denton is fictional, her ascension as a social media powerhouse is real. Will you help her break the Internet?