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Sofia the First Deluxe Styling Head
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While taking a walk down the toy store aisles, looking for a new Sofia the First doll for your loved one, do not be surprised if you stop to remember your own dolls, especially if you had a "styling head" doll.

I never owned my own “styling head,” but I vividly remember being jealous of a friend of mine who did, dreaming of what I might create with all that hair, to brush, braid and style. 

When I flashback to my  doll playing days as a little girl, I remember using that teeny-tiny comb to brush Barbie’s hair repeatedly, then attempting the impossible, trying to learn how to master the art of braiding hair.

When my mother was not watching, if you were like me, you may have even been found with a pair of scissors, sawing and snipping off Barbie’s hair in secret, hoping to give her a life-changing hairstyle. I had many beautiful Barbie dolls that ended up in the trash or demoted to play in the bathtub. I always wanted one of those styling head dolls. 

The Disney Princess phenomenon continues. Little girls, and even boys, love to brush, comb, style and accessorize hair styles. Depending upon the princess the child loves the most,  there are many choices of princess doll styling heads. These toys allow children an opportunity to engage in realistic hair play.

Specifically, the Sofia the First talking styling head includes a full, thick, head of "hair" for kids to brush, comb, braid, “dry” with a pretend hairdryer and style any way they like. They are free to add barrettes and elastics or, curl her hair without heat using plastic rollers.

Once their hair style is complete, no princess can be without her beautiful tiara. Children might even like adding their own favorite bows, barrettes, hair extensions and headbands when styling. 

Aside from hair play, this item is still an interactive and engaging toy. When Sofia’s brush is placed near her magical purple amulet, Sofia will speak phrases in her sweet voice, eagerly engaging children in the styling and play process such as:

  • "Remember, royal beauty comes from the inside."
  • "Are you going to be a princess like I am?"
  • "I'm so excited for the Royal Ball today, will you help me get ready?
  • "Hey, it's fun to try different hairstyles. I love spending time with you."
  • ​"Thanks for holding my brush Clover!"
  • "A smile is a treasure that lasts forever."

The hair on the doll is amazingly thick, which provides a lot of options for children who want may want to brush her hair or create complicated and unique "up-dos" full of braids and twists. However, children will need to use one hand to comb her hair and the other to stabilize the base of the toy, otherwise it’s possible the styling head may tip forward or backward during play, which can be frustrating at times to children. There are plenty of clips, curlers and barrettes to utilize that are included in the set. There are also small Sofia the first toy characters from the show, Whatnaught the squirrel and Clover the bunny that are attached to the base. However, they can not be removed to be played with and many children commented they wished they could play with the characters along with Sofia, as well.

Just Play also recommends that children not wash the hair on their styling head dolls.

The hair should also not be exposed to heat, and only the included brush should be used on the dolls head. 

If Sofia the First is not your child's most favorite Disney Princess or character, there are many different styling heads from Just Play that include characters from Barbie (Teresa, Nicki and Barbie), Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella and Monster High. Some of the other styling heads even have color changing hair. 

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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