This Sweater Holder Has Majorly Improved My Closet Setup

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Two gray fabric storage bins with clear panels

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon

Since I started working from home when the pandemic hit nearly three years ago, my wardrobe became much more casual. Since I no longer had to head into the office in a blouse and blazer, I began to accumulate tons of cozy sweaters and sweatshirts to wear during the hours of 9-5. I thought that I would tire of the athleisure look after a year or so of remote work, but truthfully, you can find me dressed in something casual almost any given weekday.

However, one thing I've struggled with over the past few years is finding the best way to store my comfy gear. I don't like to keep bulky pieces in my dresser drawers, because I don't consider that to be the best use of space, but I hate the look of a tall, wobbly pile of sweaters sitting on a closet shelf—it doesn't appear organized or all that functional. When getting ready for the day, I don't want to have to solely pick whatever is at the top of the pile or risk it all falling down!

SONGMICS Stackable Storage Bins Set of 2

gray fabric stackable storage bins with clear see-through panel


I knew that I needed to find a permanent solution for my sweater and sweatshirt madness, so I started browsing some of the organization products on Amazon. For reference, I keep my sweaters in a relatively small closet that also houses my many long dresses, so I didn't want to order a storage system that was too tall or pick one that would cut into my hanging clothes space.

After scrolling through a mix of options, I then stumbled upon a set of two stackable storage bins, which I realized would be perfect for my closet setup, as I can stack them on top of each other on my closet's top shelf and maximize my vertical storage space. They arrived in just a day with Prime shipping, making it easy for me to dive in and begin my mini-organization project. It just so happened that I'd recently done a big load of laundry when the bins arrived, so I knew exactly how many pieces of clothing I would need to store.

sweater bins in closet

Sarah Lyon

I opted to place sweaters in one bin and sweatshirts in another, and I couldn't be happier with how this solution has worked out over time. Putting away clean clothes is simple, and if I do acquire more pieces, it'll be easy to order another bin set down the line.

The price for this storage system couldn't be beaten, and it can be used to house so many things other than sweaters. I could imagine this bin set being extremely useful in a nursery or child's room, but you could even place it in a bathroom or storage closet and use it to stash away beauty products, hair tools, or even something else entirely, like craft supplies! Bins like these are great investments because they'll truly always come in handy for something and are nice and durable to boot. In fact, now that I think about it, I may have to order a few more for my under-sink area; they'd be perfect for tucking away soaps, sponges, dishcloths, and all of those essentials, too.