Soft Dolls for Cuddling and Playing

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    Rag Dolls Rule!

    Courtesy of Getty Images/Eric Audras

     Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons had it right. Rag dolls really are worth singing about. Why do little kids love to drag their soft pals around? Think about your own daughters. Can't you see them seated at the breakfast table, trying to share their Froot Loops (or nutritious oatmeal) with their cuddly friend? It's a natural combo: children and rag dolls. Here are 9 reasons and dolls to show why!

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    Super Sturdy

    Courtesy of North American Bear

     While soft dolls are ideal for snuggling, they are also pretty indestructible. These girl and boy superheroes, available from North American Bear, are invincible. They stand up to the biggest, baddest villain in the toyworld: the curious, ambulatory toddler! Suitable for any age--including babies--these machine-washable crime fighters can endure drool and come out as fresh as a daisy!

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    Classic Craftsmanship

    Courtesy of Aurora World

     If you want to play Family Feud, what's the number one answer for "Name a rag doll"?Raggedy Ann, of course. New from Aurora World, the homespun children's favorite is back, and better than ever. This latest version of the Johnny Gruelle creation can interact with the youngest--and oldest--member of the house. Hug her heart and she declares, "I love you." A beautiful way for grandma and grandchild to bond!

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    Brotherly Affection

    Courtesy of Aurora World

     Raggedy Ann's brother, Andy, is a classic character, too. Wearing his trademark sailor hat, checked gingham shirt and overalls, Raggedy Andy is just as cheerful as his red-haired sis. The Aurora edition also allows the fellow to speak out and declare his love for you!

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    Home-Grown Gnome

    Courtesy of Aurora World

     Aurora feels that little kids shouldn't have to wait for the holidays in order to be visited by a mischievous, imaginative little person wearing a pointy hat! The Gnomlins are designed to survive even the most exuberant 3-year-old's hands-on play. These guys come in several different sizes and different-colored hats. Children who love fairy tales will want these plush gnomes in their homes.

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    Elf Energy

    Courtesy of DEMDACO

     Based on the best-selling children's book, The Christmas Wish, the Anja doll will be a year-round favorite. Made by DEMDACO, Anja stands nearly 2 feet tall. She will be the go-to naptime buddy for young tots everywhere. Decked out in vibrant colors, Anja has a bright, vivid personality. This squeezable doll is just what young children crave for security. 

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    Wondrous Oz

    Courtesy of North American Bear

     Dorothy is a beloved character from the L. Frank Baum movie and book series. Children and adults have fallen under her spell since even before the 1939 musical. North American Bear is giving 3-year-olds the chance to act out favorite scenes from the film with the Dolly Pockets version. This 14-inch Dorothy comes with coordinating finger puppets. Find a soft floormat and your kiddies will be skipping down the Yellow Brick Road.

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    Darling Diva

    Courtesy of North American Bear/AMY COE is a registered trademark of Amy Coe, Inc. Copyright 2015, Amy Coe, Inc. All rights reserved.

     No one knows today's tots better than Amy Coe. The fashion maven has imagined a line of soft dolls that blend whimsy with contemporary fashion nuances. North American Bear has four of these cotton-and-jersey soft dolls. Betty, shown here, is dressed in Coe's actual 2016 apparel collection. Perfect for kids who adore dressing up and looking pretty!

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    Make a Splash

    Courtesy of Aurora World

     Pearl is part of the Sea Shimmers series of mermaids. She is one of seven lovely sirens who will be a wonderful playtime companion and beach-traveling confidante for your daughter, aged 3 and above. Boasting sparkly tails, these Aurora aquatic misses are built to be hugged and nurtured. Small children don't have to worry about losing pieces or any kind of choking hazard. Moms and dads will agree. These underwater princess dolls are FIN-tastic!