10 Gorgeous Kitchens With Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface counters in contemporary kitchen

Feldman Architecture

If a stone kitchen counter is out of your budget and you dislike the idea of going with laminate or wood, let us introduce you to solid surface countertops. They are a fantastic alternative if you are looking for something seamless that adds both beauty and function to your cooking space. 

Most types of solid surface counters consist of a dense polyester, acrylic, or resin, which can be joined together in pieces using a process that creates undetectable seams. Even better, they are available in a broad range of styles, colors, and stone inspired patterns. No matter which one you pick, rest assured that your new counter will be completely waterproof and will not allow bacteria to cling its nonporous surface.

However, there are a few things savvy consumers should be aware of. Unlike most natural stone options, solid surface countertops are not scratch or heat resistant. The good news is, they can take a beating because most varieties are both stain and impact resistant. If you are looking to learn more, take a peek at our favorite examples.

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    Marble-Like Solid Surface Countertop

    faux marble solid surface countertop
    The Army Mom

    Janet, the blogger behind The Army Mom, could not be happier with the solid surface countertop recently installed in her kitchen. She selected a style by a famous manufacturer, Corian, called Rain Cloud. She swears it looks precisely like Carrara Marble. To prove her point, note the small stone slab on the counter. It is a real piece of Carrara marble. The solid surface counter underneath has the same cool white base with soft gray veining and ultrafine speckles.

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    Taupe Solid Surface Countertop

    solid countertop with an undermount sink
    Refined by Design

    Because solid surface countertops are water resistant, you can pair them with under-mount sinks as shown in this kitchen by Refined by Design. The pale taupe counter lends a hint of contrast to the bright white cooking space.

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    Fixable Solid Surface Countertop

    Thick gray solid surface countertop in bead board kitchen
    Lynne Breslin Architects

    You may be surprised to learn that solid surface countertops like this one installed by Lynne Breslin Architects, can be repaired if damaged or stained. Most types of small scratches and tiny dings can be smoothed out by sanding. Weird blotches and stubborn stains can gently be washed away using a mild, abrasive liquid cleanser. Before doing any of the above, always check with the manufacturer.

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    Farmhouse Kitchen With a Solid Surface Counter

    gray corian countertop in traditional kitchen
    Foley and Cox

    We mentioned earlier that solid surface countertops are available in a wide variety of colors and natural patterns. In this modern farmhouse kitchen by interior design firm Foley and Cox, the counter resembles concrete. Its soft color picks up the soothing gray tones shown in the marble backsplash. It also blends beautifully with the cool-toned stainless steel appliances.

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    Terrazzo-Inspired Solid Surface Countertop

    speckled solid surface countertop by Formica
    Eric Olsen Design

    If you love the look of Terrazzo, behold the solid surface countertop in this beach inspired kitchen by Eric Olsen Design. The yellow and green flecks throughout the counter's surface harmonize with the colorful backsplash.

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    Solid Surface Countertops Combined With Shiplap Cabinets

    Thick solid surface countertop in rustic kitchen
    Kaleidoscope Interior Design

    Combining a mix of textures will make any space more visually appealing, as shown in this kitchen by Kaleidoscope Interior Design. The rugged shiplap wood for the cabinets came from the home when the original walls were torn down. For contrast, the design team installed sleek, white solid surface countertops. The result is a contemporary cooking space with a modern farmhouse vibe.

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    Two-Tone Kitchen With Solid Surface Countertops

    Solid surface counters in contemporary kitchen
    Feldman Architecture

    Two-toned kitchens are a trend with real staying power. Feldman Architecture created an open and airy cooking space by keeping everything above the base cabinets white, except for a few stainless steel accents. The solid surface countertop against the wall is the dividing line. For a little contrast, the kitchen island in the foreground was topped off with a gray solid surface slab.

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    Traditional Kitchen With Solid Surface Countertop

    gray corian countertop in shaker style kitchen
    Design For Keeps

    Feel free to mix a solid surface countertop with one made of natural stone, as shown in this traditional white kitchen by Design For Keeps. The dove gray countertop, which matches the upper wall, is a solid surface. Because the material is much cheaper than natural stone, the homeowner was able to splurge on a blue granite topper for the kitchen island.

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    Shaker-Inspired Kitchen With Solid Surface Countertops

    warm tan solid surface countertop
    Design For Keeps

    Here is another example of how you can mix and match countertops in your kitchen. Design For Keeps installed a Formica solid surface countertop in a style called Burnished along the wall. Its lovely dark amber color matches the subtle brown and gold tones shown in the granite slab on top of the kitchen island. 

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    Timeless White Kitchen With Solid Surface Countertops

    Corian Dupont solid surface countertop in faux granite
    Jennifer Stagg Design

    It is difficult to believe that this speckled solid surface countertop in a cooking space by Jennifer Stagg Design is not real granite. The slab has a neutral but also a contemporary and fresh vibe. It works with the lightness of the kitchen while adding enduring style.