Solutions for a House With Geopathic Stress

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If your house is suffering from geopathic stress, you will have to search for good solutions. In most cases, geopathic stress can be dealt with and the strong earth energies can be either redirected or neutralized in order to create a healthier energy in the house.

Before you find the best cure, or solution for a geopathic stress house, you will have to clearly define what type of geopathic stress your home is experiencing. There are many types of earth energies that can create difficulties in a human dwelling, you will need to either dowse yourself or look for a professional dowser for help.

Types of Earth Energies

It is important to understand that none of the earth energies we are dealing with are dangerous or malevolent, there is no need for fear. The reason these energies are challenging for human health is that their strong vibrations can weaken a person's immune system if one is exposed to them for a long period of time.

So, it is wise to avoid spending too much time (or let alone having your bed) in an area where there is a strong presence of earth energies such as an underground water stream, for example, or a crossing of Hartmann or Benker lines.

If you decide to dowse by yourself, be sure to formulate very clear questions about ​the specific type of geopathic stress your house might be experiencing. Is it a fast underground river that is disturbing the energy in your bedroom? Or, is it a crossing of earth lines that is creating an overpowering field in your children's room?

In addition to being very specific, accept that you might be dealing with a combination of earth energies. You might have an underground water stream, for example, as well as a crossing of Benker lines; maybe even some geologic anomalies or vortexes.

The more you know about geopathic stress including specific earth grid lines, such as Hartmann, Benker, Curry lines and other, the more effective your solutions will be. The influence of earth energies might not be constant, but rather cyclical. More often than not, the intensity of an underground river flow will change with the seasons, as well as with the lunar tides.

In most cases, it does not really make a difference if you live in a house or in an apartment building with many floors. Some earth energies can be felt just a strong, if not even stronger, on the 12th floor (as compared to the ground floor) because of specific building materials.

Are There Solutions to Help Neutralize Geopathic Stress?

Yes, there are many solutions you can explore. The first and most practical solution is to reposition your furniture. If your bed, your desk or your living room furniture (where you tend to spend a lot of time) happens to be in a geopathic stress area, you need to reposition it. If this is not possible, or if the geopathic stress area is too big/covers most of your house, explore further solutions for geopathic stress.

They are generally divided into two categories: tools to neutralize the energy of your home and various tools to strengthen your own, personal energy.

Geopathic Stress Solutions for a Home

There are many instruments on the market that are designed to clear a home or an office from harmful vibrations. Geopathic tools such as Space Harmonizers, Pyramids, Energy Plates, Geo Resonators, Crystals and even devices that employ laser beams are used to protect the energy of a home.

One popular and very simple method is to place copper, brass or steel rods (you can also use rings or wires) at specific points in the ground around your house, or in specific areas inside your home. The points where they need to be placed can be identified by dowsing.

In order to make this method work, you have to know the direction of the flow of earth lines you need to block/neutralize, as well as the distance between them. Basically, when you place specific tools in specific areas of your home, you are creating a grid of safe energy.

Personal Energy Geopathic Stress Protection Tools

There is a wide variety of personal energy tools to help strengthen your energy and protect from geopathic stress (as well as EMF radiation). These tools are made by using various type of technologies, materials, and designs.

Most of the geopathic stress personal protection tools come as pendants made with crystals, silver or gold. Some look very attractive and can be worn as jewelry, and some are worn unnoticed. The price range is anywhere from $45 for a simple pendant to over $300 USD for a pendant made from gold; you can find a variety of options and info online.

Because this is a relatively new field, be sure to research it well and compare not only the prices but also the effectiveness of each tool that might help you. As with everything new, do not hesitate to ask as many questions as needed in order to make the right choice.