Sonic Wacky Packs Nutritional Information

Items from the Kids' Menu with the Lowest and Highest Calories and Fat

Sonic kids' meals are called Wacky Packs and include an entree, side, drink and toy. Pick a Jr. burger, grilled cheese sandwich, hot dog, chicken strips or a corn dog as an entree. The kids' meals nutritional information ranges based on the entrees and sides selected.

Those side item selections are fries, tots or apple slices. Drink choices are 1% milk, 1% low-fat chocolate milk, apple juice, orange juice, soft drinks or slushes.

Sonic also does a good job of keeping Wacky Packs affordable...MORE for parents. Look for specials that include $1.99 or 99-cent Wacky Packs with half priced drinks. The official Sonic kids' site frequently spotlights current deals. It also has games and other fun features for kids to enjoy with a parent's permission.

In 2016, Nintendo partnered with Sonic to bring Mario and Luigi toys to the fast food restaurant's Wacky Packs. Past toys have included Angry Birds and SpongeBob SquarePants, making Sonic toys some of the most popular among kids. 

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    Navigating Sonic's Nutrition Info

    A picture of a Sonic drive in restaurant
    Sonic's kids meals offer a variety of entrees and sides, some more nutritional-friendly than others. Photo © Mike Mozart / Flickr

    In the past, Sonic's website was one of the easiest to navigate if you were looking for nutritional information. You would click "Menu & Nutrition" and then the "Nutritional Calculator" button to build your kids' meals to get a total count for all items.

    Now, you can then select the entree and get a nutritional count, then your side and, finally, your drink off of the kids' menu to see exactly what's in your kids' food. But instead of finding out the...MORE nutritional values on everything, all the way down to the ketchup on the hamburger, you now have to do your own adding. 

    A lot of fast food restaurants, including McDonald's, now make this type of information easier to access. But Sonic was one of the first to make their site and nutritional information so easy for parents to navigate. The newer design isn't as functional as it was five years ago.

    You can also download the complete menu and nutritional information from Sonic's website. The PDF file has the kids' meal selections in their own section making it easier to find out the total nutritional value of your child's meal versus trying to calculate it on the website.

    The information below lists the Sonic kids' meals with the highest and lowest calories and fat grams.

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    Sonic Kids' Meal Selection - Lowest in Calories and Fat Grams

    • Chicken Strips
    220 Calories
    11 Fat Grams

    • Apple Slices
    35 Calories
    0 Fat Grams

    • 100% Apple Juice Box
    90 Calories
    0 Fat Grams

    Meal Total
    345 Calories
    11 Fat Grams

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    Sonic Kids' Meal Selection - Highest in Calories and Fat Grams

    • Grilled Cheese
    410 Calories
    18 Fat Grams

    • Fries
    280 Calories
    13 Fat Grams

    • Lemon-Berry Real Fruit Slush
    180 Calories
    0 Fat Grams

    Meal Total
    870 Calories
    31 Fat Grams

    Source: Sonic

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    Disclaimer: The information on this page is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to provide nutritional recommendations. See the restaurant's menu for complete nutritional facts and learn more about making healthy choices for your child.