Shhhh! 7 Super-Soothing Products to Calm Your Fussy Baby

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    Seven Baby Products With Super Soothing Power

    Soothing Baby Products
    H. Corley

    Even the happiest baby will have some fussy moments, so wise parents are prepared to handle those grouchy times. While many babies have one tried and true soothing method that works reliably, it's a good idea to have a backup plan, too. Ready to build your baby calming toolkit? These products earn rave reviews from parents and babies alike. The babies, of course, voted quietly.

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    Soothing Baby Products: The Swing

    Baby in portable infant swing
    2014, H. Corley

    A baby swing is one soothing product that nearly every baby loves. The swaying motion is incredibly calming, and there may be music and toys or lights on board, as well, to distract baby in a fussy moment. Baby swings come in all sorts of styles, from luxury models that swing in different directions to basic types that fold and are portable. Prices also vary widely, which means it's easy to find a swing that meets your budget.

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    Soothing Baby Products: The Swaddle

    Soothing Swaddles for Baby
    H. Corley

    Infants really like to feel snug and cozy, similar to when they were in the womb. A swaddling blanket or other swaddle system can help recreate that soothing, gentle squeeze for your little one. Nearly any blanket can be used to swaddle a baby, but I particularly like the Aden + Anais muslin swaddle wraps. Other excellent choices, shown here, are the Woombie Original swaddle, Buttermilk Babies bamboo wraps, and Love to Dream Swaddle Up, which has removable arm pieces so you can use it as a...MORE wearable blanket later on.

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    Soothing Baby Products: The Sling

    Soothing Baby Slings
    Sakura Bloom, Hotslings

    Sometimes baby just needs to be held close to your heart, where your voice, scent, and movements can do the soothing. A sling carrier is a great way to snuggle your baby for hours without wearing out your arms. I like the absolutely stunning silk slings from Sakura Bloom, and the stylish, adjustable slings from Hotslings, both shown here.

    Want the babywearing convenience of a sling with a little more structure? Try a soft structured baby carrier, such as an Ergo Baby or a structured wrap like My...MORE Baby Nest.

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    Soothing Baby Products: The Pacifier

    Mam Pacifiers
    Mam, 2015

    Once breastfeeding is established, a pacifier is perfect for occasional soothing. The pacifier is also one of the most portable baby soothing products, since you can carry several of them without taking up much space. Babies can have strong preferences on pacifier style, so it's a good idea to have a few brands and shapes on hand at first, so you can see what baby likes best.

    Mam offers so many styles and patterns in their pacifier lineup, you can likely find one among them that your baby...MORE will love. A few Mam pacifier styles are shown here.

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    Soothing Baby Products: The Bouncer

    Mamaroo bouncer
    4Moms, 2015

    A baby bouncer doesn't take up much space, but the right bouncer can offer lots of calming power for the right baby. Today's bouncers offer lots of features that make them more useful than ever. Some have built-in toys, vibration, or music, and some have kick plates that allow baby to get some workout time in. Many are easily portable thanks to their folding mechanism.

    The 4Moms Mamaroo, shown here, is an automatic bouncer with lots of different speed and motion settings to help soothe...MORE baby.

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    Soothing Baby Products: Massage Lotion

    Soothing Baby Massage Lotion
    H. Corley

    Who doesn't love a good massage? We often forget that soothing touch can be relaxing for babies, too, though. A soft scent, silky lotion, and gentle pressure might be just what your baby needs to calm down.

    Some excellent lotions to try with your baby include Babytime Snuggly Lotion, Noodle & Boo Super Soft Lotion, and California Baby #chillax Everyday Lotion. Need some soothing lotion in a hurry? Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion has a calming lavender scent and can be found in almost...MORE any store that sells baby items.

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    Soothing Baby Products: The Car Seat

    How Long Should Baby Stay in a Rear-Facing Car Seat?
    Getty/Jamie De Pould

    When all else fails, a nice drive around the block might be the ticket for soothing your baby. The hum of an engine, vibration of the road, and the snug feeling of the car seat all work together to have a calming effect for many babies. Leaving your baby in the car seat for hours isn't ideal, and may not be safe, but for the occasional fussy times, this method can be very effective.