Six Soothing Ways to Swaddle Your Baby

The Best Traditional Swaddling Blankets and Modern Swaddlers

Newborn Baby in Swaddle Blanket
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Although newborns have it pretty easy in the first few weeks of life, what with being fed, changed and rocked constantly, it's not all fun and games for them. Being out in the bright, cold world is tough when you're used to a warm, cozy environment where your arms and legs are automatically snugged up against you. The ability to flail around is alarming to some newborns. That's why swaddling blankets are a new baby essential. You can recreate a womb-like environment to soothe your...MORE baby. These swaddlers and swaddling blankets will help you swaddle and soothe your baby quickly and easily. Any of these blankets or swaddles would make a useful baby gift, too.

Confused about how to swaddle a baby, exactly? It can be tricky the first few times! However, many of these swaddling blankets and wraps help you get the technique just right with shaped pieces that fold and secure in certain ways, the size and stretch of the wrap itself, or even instructions on a label or on the blanket itself. The traditional wraps include swaddling instructions, as well. If you need a refresher on using your swaddling blanket, take a look at these instructions for how to swaddle your baby from

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    Wombie Swaddle

    The Woombie is one of the easiest ways to swaddle your baby. All you have to do is tuck baby inside and zip it up! The Woombie is snug, but still allows baby to wiggle those little arms and legs to stretch a bit, while still preventing startling and flailing. You buy the Woombie based on your baby's weight, so it fits properly and won't bunch up. It comes in four sizes to fit 3-pound preemies up to 25-pound mega-babies. Lots of colors are also available, and you can choose from lighter...MORE weight summer materials, thicker winter swaddles, or organic cotton.

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    Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets

    These muslin swaddling blankets are the best available. They're super-soft to start, and they get better with age and each washing. Aden + Anais baby wraps are sized perfectly for swaddling, too, at about 44 inches square. The size allows you to tuck the blanket around your baby so it's snug enough to stay put. The gauzy muslin is breathable and won't overheat your baby, though. I like that these blankets are useful for so much more than swaddling. I use mine all the time for...MORE outdoor play blankets, stroller sunshades, impromptu burp cloths and, now that my baby is beyond the swaddling stage, regular nap blankets.

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    Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

    The Halo SleepSack Swaddle is a wearable baby blanket that has a removable swaddle component. I like this swaddler because it's easy to switch it to just the wearable blanket if your baby doesn't enjoy being swaddled, or outgrows the need for swaddling. The front zipper opens from the bottom so you can easily change diapers without removing the whole thing. It's available in organic cotton, regular cotton, velboa, chenille and microfleece, so you can choose the weight and texture...MORE that works best for your baby. Three sizes are available to fit babies from preemie to 18 pounds, and ages birth to 6 months.

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    Miracle Blanket Swaddle

    The name says it all, huh? The Miracle Blanket was one of the first swaddlers that took the guesswork out of wrapping a traditional swaddling blanket around baby in a way that would stay put. This swaddler has stood the test of time, though, and remains popular with new parents for its ease of use. You just lay the baby on The Miracle Blanket, tuck arms and legs in, then wrap the flaps around and tuck underneath. The Miracle Blanket is made of soft, lightweight, stretchy cotton. You can wrap...MORE baby snugly in it, but the cotton gives a bit of wiggle room, too. There's just one size available, and it is designed to fit babies up to four months old.

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    Buttermilk Babies Swaddling Blankets
    Buttermilk Babies

    These large traditional swaddling blankets are made of a silky cotton and bamboo rayon blend. They measure 47 inches by 47 inches, which means there's plenty of space to wrap even the largest of infants. Buttermilk Babies swaddles are available in sets with beautiful prints in several themes.


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    Swaddle Designs Ultimate Swaddle Blanket

    This classic swaddling blanket is made of cotton flannel to provide a very snug wrap for baby. For you, there are swaddling instructions sewn right onto the blanket's edge, so you won't forget how to get that perfect wrap, even if you're sleep deprived. The Ultimate Receiving Blanket is 42 inches square, so it's bigger than many other typical receiving blankets. The size makes it easy to wrap baby up just right. Since it unfolds into a traditional blanket, you can use it in lots...MORE of other ways once baby is beyond the swaddle, too. Available in solids and modern patterns.

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    Snooze Wrap Plus Swaddler

    For babies who prefer lots of support in their swaddler, the Snooze Wrap is a great choice. Not only are there Velcro flaps to keep little arms from flailing, there's a thicker back section that helps prevent flopping about when baby is being carried around. A little foam area provides a headrest for your baby. The manufacturer says the headrest may help prevent flattening of the back of the head, which is common in infants who sleep on their backs. If your baby is colicky, SnoozeWrap has a...MORE center band to provide some pressure on the tummy, which can help reduce fussiness. You can use the Snooze Wrap as a wearable blanket, without the arm wrap, too. One size fits birth to 3 months.

    Snooze Wrap has been discontinued, so it may be hard to find in stores.