7 Sophisticated Beds Without the Headboard

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    7 Sophisticated Beds Without The Headboard

    While it's a common sight in many bedrooms, the fact is that not every bed is married to a headboard. This can happen for a myriad of reasons. The room could simply be too small, the cost of a headboard could be too large, or it could be aesthetic; you might simply prefer the style of a platform bed. Check out these super chic bedrooms that would fit perfectly in any five-star hotel room, headboard or no.

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    Embrace The Wall

    Your first option, instead of trying to fight the wall by painting it or covering it up, is to simply embrace it. When in doubt, adding elements to your room that have a personal connection will always end up having a beneficial impact on the design of your space.

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    Paint The Wall

    The solution to the white wall problem that will have the least impact on your wallet is to simply paint the wall behind the bed. But how do you decide what color to go with? More and more, people are embracing dark paint colors like black, navy and charcoal for the bedroom. Far from making the room feel small, these color tones create a warm, intimate space, and make a perfect surface for adding pops of color like this white decal border on top of the paint.

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    Tile The Wall

    Contrary to popular belief, tile isn't just for kitchen backsplashes and floors. Instead, consider adding it as a statement wall behind your bed. There are some serious benefits to having a wall that is extremely durable, easy to clean, and impervious to moisture and humidity. On top of all that, a tiled wall will make a huge design statement in your bedroom.

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    Hang A Rug

    The market is flooded with carpets featuring price ranges, sizes, and designs of all sorts. With that in mind, if you find a 3x5 sized rug that you love too much to subject it to the rigors of life on your floor, consider hanging it as a tapestry on the wall behind your bed. If you choose this option, make sure that you have the proper hardware to hang a rug from the wall as even a small carpet can weigh over 20 pounds.

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    Hang Fabric

    If you're a little nervous about the weight of a hanging carpet on your wall, a lightweight fabric is a perfect alternative. When selecting fabrics as a headboard replacement, look for man-made fabrics like polyester, cotton poly/blends, or sunbrella, because they are well known for being easy to clean and resistant to normal wear and tear.

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    Paint a Mural

    Create a mural on your wall. This idea is best for the creative person in your home. It can be tedious work, but the results are undeniably beautiful and absolutely worth the effort. There's a really simple 3-step way to re-create this look in your home. First, start by projecting a photo onto your wall. Next, trace the image on your wall. Then turn off the projector and fill in the image like a giant paint-by-numbers project.

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    Repurpose a Found Object

    If you're just not a fan of the standard headboards out there, consider repurposing a found object and using it as a headboard. Now logistically, to install something like these windows as a headboard, you will absolutely need to call in a professional to do the work, unless of course you or someone you live with is a professional themselves. In either event, you will also need reinforced anchors, and additional materials to ensure that it's safe. However you approach it, this solution will definitely require a bit more elbow grease on your part than most of the others, but the results will look truly amazing.