How to Sort and Group Items When Organizing

How to Sort an Group Items When Organizing Your Home or Office

How to sort and group items together
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One of the most important skills to learn when organizing your home and life is how to sort and group like items together. Organizing is grouping like items, by function, and storing them together. It's so much easier to find items when you need them if you know, for instance, all the user manuals are in this drawer, all the remote controls go on this coffee table tray, all the condiments are on this shelf in the fridge.

This is why organizing your jewelry collection is much easier than organizing your kitchen cupboard: rings go with rings; necklaces hang together, while your rice cooker is a lone wolf in your kitchen cabinet. (Hint: it should be stored in your kitchen cabinet based on use. See How to Organize Kitchen Appliances for more tips.) Here are few tips on how to sort and group like items together:

1. For some people this is a natural inclination.

If you tend to create piles, this will most likely come very naturally to you. If you tend to create piles wherever you go, you may be a natural born organizer. Harness this power! Once you start, you will see how easy it is to carve out and assign space for everything in your home.

  • Light bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Passports
  • remote Controls
  • Stamps
  • All random cords (computer, printer, fax)
  • Writing utensils
  • Pads of paper

2. For others it will take some work, but the benefits are worth making this a home organization habit.

If you're having trouble, consider hiring a professional organizer who will guide you through the process and suggest how to keep this regimen going after they've left.

3. Examples in action.

Even if you lack a linen closet, store sheets with sheets and pillow cases with pillow cases. This will make it easy when it's time to change the bedding.

Storing more rarefied or custom objects together will make them easier to find. Think about items like candlesticks, napkin rings and fancy cloth napkins.

Grouping these items together will speed up the process of setting the table for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Keep your scarves in the same place. This way when you're running out the door you're not rooting around in your clothes closet, wardrobe or your entry way.

4. Bottom Line

Grouping like items together means you will always know where extra toilet paper is when you need it, and, added bonus, you'll know when you're running low! You'll know where your balsamic vinegar is and where your favorite sweater is--maybe not the exact location, but you'll know where to look when you need these items. 

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