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If you are looking for sources of pictures, also called scraps, to use in your decoupage creations, check out these books. Along with a wide collection of photos and pictures, most of these books contain basic instructions.
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    24 full-color engravings from 19th-century woman's magazine. Plates depict Parisian haute couture of the day gowns, dresses, bonnets, etc. Complete instructions for decoupage on wood; under glass; with acrylics. Printed one side only. List of suppliers.

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    In this book, you will find a wide selection of Cicely Mary Barker's exquisite watercolors. There are also ten suggested projects, complete with detailed step-by-step instructions. With three hundred fifty Flower Fairies scraps, it provides a simple introduction for beginners to the art of decoupage and a collection of Cicely Mary Barker's most popular illustrations for the expert.

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    Includes 317 cuts (mostly 19th century), 45 color illustrations, 25 full-page scenic backgrounds, all printed on one side of a page for easy use. Birds, odd buildings, horses, early scientific equipment, strange inventions, dolls, monsters, baboons, statues, trunks, electric chair, crocodiles, dancers, idols, and much more.

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    Created for decoupage and other arts and crafts, find over 600 borders, vignettes, scrolls, alphabets, animals, florals, cherubs, mythological creatures, hunting scenes, and much more. Spans Renaissance to the 19th century.

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    A great starter book, this book has great and easy pictures and simple hints in it, and also has a section of ideas on crafts. Get your pictures and basic instructions in one place.
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    Includes 37 full-color illustrations of native American birds that have been reproduced from authentic Audubon lithographs. Printed on one side only, these superb renderings are ideal for decoupage (instructions included) or for framing.

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    Over 1000 attractive and usable designs printed on one side of a page only include Baroque, Rococo, Victorian, etc. Illustrations of corners, scrolls, cornucopia, chinoiserie, festoons, ribbons, much more. Designs are repeated with flopped copies so the entire project can be completed.

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    This book offers a collection of more than a thousand prints including animals, bows and ribbons, cherubs and cupids, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, shells and marine life, sporting images, and numerous borders and background patterns. The color pages are printed on one side so that all of the images can be used; because they can be photocopied easily, the black-and-white pages are printed on both sides.