Where to Buy Mid Century Modern Doors

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A mid century modern home deserves nothing less than a mid century modern style door. After all, the front door forms a major part of a home's facade. When guests enter your gorgeous mid century modern home, you want to set the right tone.

Because front doors for suburban homes in the 1950s and 1960s were often built of inferior materials, few original doors remain in good condition. And it doesn't help that front doors bear the brunt of weathering. Even doors built of high quality materials suffer from the effects of rain, snow, and sunlight.

Yet it is possible to buy doors that are either replica mid century modern doors or that generally fit the style of mid century modern homes. Crestview Doors of Austin, Texas was one of the earliest companies to recognize homeowners' avid desire for truly mid century modern doors that fit their homes. Crestview went out of business a number of years ago. For a few years after that, Crestview's absence left homeowners with few options. But since then, there has been a relative explosion of companies offering mid century modern style doors. Most doors are not exact replicas, but they do present the clean, geometric lines found in mid century homes. Other doors, such as those from Simpson Door Company and The Millwork Market, truly are mid century modern replicas.

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    Therma-Tru Pulse Collection

    Therma-Tru's Pulse door collection provides the feeling of a mid century modern door created in fiberglass. Even though fiberglass is certainly not period-perfect, it is a rock-solid, weather-resistant material that lends itself well to exterior applications.

    Pulse Collection doors have a clean look compatible with most mid century modern homes. Some of the smaller details, such as curvy molding abutting the glass sections, miss the mark, though. Pulse offers alternatives to Crestview Doors' much-missed Nokona, Parkway, and Pasadena doors.

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    The Millwork Market

    After Crestview went out of business in 2014, a new business popped up, also in Austin, Texas, that began selling mid century modern doors. While not related to Crestview, The Millwork Market is its spiritual successor, with a full range of interior decorative panels with mid century names such as Neutra and Eichler. But if you need mid century modern interior or exterior doors, The Millwork Market has a number by special order that may fit your home's style. If you would like to adapt your own door to create a mid century look, The Millwork Market sells do-it-yourself lites that punch into existing doors.

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    ETO Doors

    ETO Doors is a huge supplier of doors chiefly to the commercial market. While not strictly copying any mid century modern styles, some of ETO Doors' contemporary styles, with multiple horizontal rectangles set in a ladder-like fashion, can easily be interpreted as fitting into the general mid century modern design scheme.

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    Borano Tiama

    Borano is a Florida-based company more associated with high-end hand-carved doors for homes that have a European country style. Yet Borano also has a modern section with a few doors that could grace a home from the 1950s or 1960s without being too much of an anachronism.

    Borano's Tiama series is 2 1/4-inch thick solid mahogany, not engineered wood. When browsing Borano's collection, you may even find a few other unusual delights, such as their super-wide 6-foot by 8-foot Pivot door.

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    Neoporte Doors

    Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Neoporte manufactures gorgeous doors in shimmering, glittering metal and glass. Several of Neoporte offerings are capable of giving your house an updated mid century modern look in stainless steel.

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    Doors By Decora

    Doors by Decora is known for producing super-elaborate beveled, leaded-glass, solid hardwood doors. The company also has a Contemporary line that will suit most mid century modern homes.

    Door #5013 is the classic, five-lite stacked-horizontal door, available in numerous colors. Door #5162 is similar, with its three squares stacked one upon the other.

    This Montgomery Alabama-based company custom-manufactures these doors. They also have a mahogany four-lite door similar to the Tiama.

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    Simpson Door Company

    Simpson Door sells a small handful of wood doors that are spot-on perfect for mid century modern homes. All are categorized in their Contemporary section and come in Douglas Fir, Cherry, Walnut, and Sapele Mahogany. Two doors that especially fit the period are #49908, with a long, vertical lite, and #49905, with the triple stacked diagonal squares.