Greetings from South Korea: Disney Toys from Abroad

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    Meet Pullip and her Friends

    Custom Emma Swan Pullip
    Custom Emma Swan Pullip. ABS

    Distributed by Groove USA Inc, Pullip's were first created by Cheonsang Cheonha. These South Korean dolls have been produced since 2003 and are popular both in South Korea and abroad. Prior to 2009 or so, they were distributed by Jun Planning, so you may sometimes see them listed under that company. 

    Pullips are characterized by their size and unique eye mechs.  They have 1/6 scale bodies, but large, 1/3 scale heads. They stand at 12" tall. Pullip's have a unique eye mech that allows...MORE them to blink if you push in a tab in the back of their head, as well as glance side to side. They're made of a hard ABS plastic. 

    Over the years, the original Pullip (Korean for 'young leaf') character, envisioned as a spirited 17 year old who's parents (a Korean diplomat and an Italian interior designer) met and married in Italy, has grown to feature a variety of doll sizes. There's Pullip's little brother Isul, her boyfriend Taeyang, Taeyang's little sister Dal, and Dal's best friend Byul.

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    Let's Talk Basics

    Custom Emma Swan/Mary Margaret Pullip
    Custom Emma Swan/Mary Margaret Pullip. ABS

    Pullips aren't toys for very little kids. They're more fragile than Barbie and her friends. Because their limbs can be removed (to an extent), they do have choking hazards attached. When to give your child a Pullip is up to your discretion, but my personal opinion is that Pullips are great for those who are in their early teens. They're a more 'grown up' kind of doll and one that may inspire a life long doll collection.

    Pullip bodies are very thin in scale. The hands will pop...MORE off for ease of dressing. Sometimes, especially with the older ones, you'll find that the hands are loose and may fall out.  This is fixable if you're willing to switch the Pullip body out with another, though. The nice thing about the Pullip body, though, is that, while they won't stand on their own, they are articulated in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip and knee area.

    Click through (or click 'show all') to see some of the adorable Pullips inspired by Walt Disney Studios.

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    Next Stop, Never Never Land

    Peter Pan Pullip
    Peter Pan Pullip. Pullip

    There are a number of Peter Pan inspired Pullips, including Peter (Pullip), Tinker Bell (Dal), Tigerlily (Byul) and Captain Hook. (Taeyang) For some reason, I don't see a Wendy in the catalog of dolls. (Possibly, this is due to the fact that Peter is actually on a Pullip body, mimicking the stage plays where Peter is usually played by a female.)

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    Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

    Pinocchio Dal (Pullip)
    Pinocchio Dal (Pullip). Pullip

    For the truth seekers, Pinocchio is here for you. Pinocchio uses a Dal face and body. I own this Pullip and can attest to its quality. While some of the pieces he came with were unusable due to stickiness, his outfit and overall look is fantastic. You could also very easily customize him when you want him to break out of character.

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    Who's the Fairest One of All

    Snow White Pullip
    Snow White Pullip. Pullip

    For all the Snow White fans out there, you'll want to take a look at this very pretty Pullip! Snow White has a head of curly black hair. Her pale face has blue eyes. She wears a white dress with lots of apple red accents. Based on the story rather than the Disney movie, this Snow White would definitely stand out among your traditional 'Disney' renditions.

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    When I See An Elephant Fly

    Dumbo Byul (Pullip)
    Dumbo Byul (Pullip). Pullip

    Dumbo made its screen debut in 1941 as the fifth Disney animated feature. Byul takes the stage as Dumbo in the Pullip release, wearing a large plush elephant outfit. While this limits her posing ability, it's adorable when paired with the odd expression Byul's have. 

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    Curiouser and Curiouser

    Classical Alice Pullip
    Classical Alice Pullip. Pullip

    Classical Alice is sure to delight any Alice in Wonderland fan. While not officially part of the Disney collab, Alice looks very similar to Disney's take on the character. Alice is on a Pullip body. Other dolls, like the Cheshire Cat and the March Hare were released, as well, as Little Pullips. They are about 4.5" tall. Alice was released in Little Pullip size, too. The variety of sizes makes it easy to craft a scene around Alice growing and/or shrinking.

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    Where To Buy:

    Make It Own Kit Pullip
    Make It Own Kit Pullip. Pullip

    If you like the look and feel of Pullips, but don't see your favorite Disney character, the company also sells DIY kits called Make it Own Kits. These allow you to customize a Pullip into whoever you want her (or him, in Taeyang's case) to be!

    You can find Pullips online via sites like Amazon, Pullip Style, eBay, The Junky Spot and other online retailers. You can also find close out sales on Pullips at your local Tuesday Morning, if you're lucky!