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Barbecue Bean Stew - Stew Recipes
Beefy Barbecue Bean Stew. D. Rattray

Most regions of the South have a famous soup or stew, and there's no end to favorite recipes. Peanut soup, pine bark stew, she-crab soup, Brunswick stew, chicken and dumplings, Kentucky burgoo and Louisiana's gumbo are a few examples of classics. In the Southwest, chili is the tradition, while Florida and the Gulf Coast have their delicious bean soups and fish and seafood specialties.

To stew literally means to cook food slowly in liquid or broth.

As a noun, stew is usually a seasoned and thickened mixture of broth, meat and vegetables. The method has probably been used since our ancestors first set a pot of food over a fire. Slow simmering brings out wonderful flavors of the meat, seasoning and vegetables and tougher meats are made tender in the process. Searing or browning the meat first might seem unnecessary or optional, but most cooks agree the added flavor is worth the extra time.

You'll find a big variety of recipes below and on the next two pages, including slow cooker recipes, chowders, beef stews, and many more.

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Country Style Beef Stew
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Chicken & Dumplings II
Chicken & Dumplings III
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Chicken & Dumplings V
Chicken & Dumplings VI

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