19 Southwestern Style Ideas for Your Home

From cacti to cowhide, Southwestern style is not a fleeting trend. This rustic and cozy look has been around for a long time, but lately it's becoming even more popular in home decor. Southwestern style is one of those looks you can either go all in on or sprinkle here and there throughout your home. 

Between the Aztec print pillows and cowhide bench, this bedroom from ourbohocondo is inspiring us to add a little more southwestern flair to our homes. Here are even more of our favorite rustic Southwestern looks. 

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    Neutral and Southwestern

    Wall with baskets
    Instagram / laurenbylauren

    One of the things we love the most about the southwestern look is that you can really make it your own. Southwestern decor can be neutral and subtle, like this entryway from laurenbylauren, or you go bold with prints and patterns. This Southwestern decor is all about faded rustic charm, with a light-washed wood console table and soft shades of brown and tan throughout the space. 

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    Mid-Century Vibe

    Living space with brown couch and mustard pillows
    Instagram / agirlandthedesert

    This living room from agirlandthedesert is the perfect blend of mid-century modern and Southwestern decor all in one. The earthy tones and Aztec pillows give it a major desert vibe, while the couch and bench feel very retro. Southwestern style is one that you can easily incorporate into nearly any decor style, but it definitely plays well with a retro theme.   

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    Bold Prints

    Southwestern rug hanging on a wall
    Instagram / neatlittletreasures

    This Southwestern rug from neatlittletreasures is the perfect accessory to give any room a Southwestern vibe. While it would look great as an area rug in a bedroom or an office, we absolutely love the idea of hanging it on a wall and turning it into a piece of art.

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    Rich Color Palettes

    Southwestern living room with red and yellow accents
    Instagram / polychromehome

    Most Southwestern decor is very homey and rustic—think deep, warm colors and rich woods. This living room from polychromehome is a little bit mod, a little bit Southwestern, but has a whole lot of style. We love the exposed, rough wooden beams that give it it a very earthy feel. 

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    A Southwestern Living Room

    Living room with southwestern decor
    Instagram / homesteadhideaway

    This space from homesteadhideaway is incredibly homey and warm, with a bit of a retro flair to it. We love the vintage bar cabinet and the little cacti that give it that desert feel. When decorating a Southwestern-style home, focus on rich colors and desert-friendly plants like cacti and succulents. 

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    Go Heavy on the Prints

    Living room with white and light blue accents
    Instagram / laurenoliver

    This living space from laurenoliver doesn't shy away from patterns, which give it the eclectic vibe we love in Southwestern decor. Mixing patterns and prints is a great way to get that maximalist feel in your home. Plus, it makes decorating a lot easier when you're less focused on a perfect match. 

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    Line Your Walls

    Wall with ceramics and baskets
    Instagram / meandmoonvintage

    Sure, framed pictures are nice, but we love inventive wall decor. Consider lining your walls with baskets or Southwestern-inspired pots, like these from meandmoonvintage. Look for woven baskets in earthy hues or terra cotta pots that can hold an air plant or a succulent. 

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    Decorating With Skulls

    Wall with southwestern decor
    Instagram / spiced_ink

    You may not immediately think that decorating with skulls can be chic, but this lovely display from spiced_ink proves otherwise. The skull motif is big in Southwestern decor, and whether you hang a replica directly on your wall or you opt for a framed version instead, it's a great way to add a desert vibe to your room. 

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    Opt for Leather

    Living room with macramé on the wall
    Instagram / fondwillow

    Struggling with what furniture to put in your Southwestern-inspired home? Look for rich, deep leather pieces, like this one from fondwillow to give your house that rustic cowboy feel. Add a faux hide blanket and a few printed pillows to complete the look.

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    A Southwestern Bedroom

    Bedroom with cow skull above the bed
    Instagram / ashandoliveco

    We absolutely love this bedroom from ashandoliveco that is a modern take on traditional Southwestern decor. The rustic skull paired with tribal-inspired wall designs gives it a boho feel we can't get enough of. 

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    Eclectic Vibes

    Couch with basket decor above
    Instagram / agave.abode

    Southwestern decor feels both down-to-earth and eclectic at the same time. This living space from agave.abode features hanging baskets that give it a wordly, well-traveled vibe and an Aztec-inspired throw blanket to pull the whole look together. 

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    A Southwestern Nursery

    Nursery with southwestern decor
    Instagram / ahintofmintdesigns

    Looking for a great nursery theme? We love the Southwestern-inspired, adventure-themed nursery by ahintofmintdesigns. What kid wouldn't love that amazing mountain mural? Add a few woven baskets or faux fur details to your child's room to give it a simple Southwestern feel. 

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    Southwestern-Inspired Bathroom

    Bathroom with antique rug and basket decor
    Instagram / mylittleshop_kingston

    This bathroom from mylittleshop_kingston is giving us major decor envy. Between the vintage Turkish rug, the wicker furniture, and the deep soaking tub, this is one of the most unique bathrooms we've seen. It's understated and laid back, but incredibly sophisticated.  

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    Decorate With Cactus Motifs

    Bedroom with southwestern decor
    Instagram / oak.hillfarm

    This bedroom from oak.hillfarm encompasses everything we love about Southwestern decor. From the skull wall hanging to the cactus prints, it feels like an homage to the great American West. 

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    Channel Your Inner Cowboy

    Southwestern bedroom
    Instagram / westernvibes

    When it comes to Southwestern decor, don't be afraid to draw inspiration from those Western movies you loved as a kid. This bedroom from westernvibes is a little more country than some of our other Southwestern decor picks, but it has that rustic, textured look and feel we love. 

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    Outfit Your Desk

    Desk with southwestern print above it
    Instagram / lavidataprut

    We love this little office space from lavidataprut with its major desert boho vibes. Between the colorful Aztec weaving and the terra cotta accessories, it's understated while being full of personality and visual interest. An office is a great place to add a Southwestern flair because it's an incredibly calming decor style. 

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    Southwestern Accessories

    Buffet with southwestern decor on it
    Instagram / candycoloredhome

    One of the easiest ways to get the Southwestern decor look is by adding a few accessories throughout your home. Whether you are inspired by the clay tribal pots or the woven hanging baskets in this space from candycoloredhome, you don't have to jump on every element of Southwestern decor to get the look. 

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    Rustic Bedroom

    Bedroom with western decor
    Instagram / katieandhercanines

    This bedroom decor from katieandhercanines uses neutral colors as a base that allow the earth oranges and browns to stand out and add a bit of visual interest. We also love the idea of using a rustic vintage ladder as a nightstand.  

    The best thing about Southwestern decor is that you can really make it your own. Whether you decide to go all out with cactus and buffalo motifs or you want to toss a few bold printed rugs here and there, you can easily incorporate these elements into your own decor style.