Spa-Like Accessories for a Guest Bathroom

Take a look at your guest bathroom.  Is it inviting?  Is it tastefully decorated?  Heck, is it even clean?  If you answered no to any of these questions, perhaps it's time to give your guests a space they deserve after traveling.  But don't panic!  While the mere suggestion of a bathroom renovation might have you seeing dollar signs, it's possible to create a spa-like atmosphere with just a few accessories.  In fact, a soothing spa bathroom is best achieved with minimal fuss, making...MORE it easy to turn even the most boring bathroom into a zen-like space.

To achieve the look and feel of a spa, it's best to start with a blank slate.  First, remove all distracting clutter from the bathroom counter and toilet tank.  Banish busy prints and fuzzy toilet seat covers (one of six things your home can live without).  If possible, give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint in a soothing color such as light gray, blue, or green.  Then, give the bathroom a deep cleaning.  

Now you're ready to add in some simple but beautiful accessories and thoughtful touches worthy of a five-star hotel.  After soaking in a soothing tub and retreating to a beautiful guest-ready bedroom, your friends and family may never want to go home!

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    White Towels

    Stack of White Towels. Mark Viker / The Image Bank / Getty

    Nothing says spa like a stack of white towels.  You can choose to place neatly folded stacks of towels on a bench or etagere; roll them and place them in a basket; or simply fold them in thirds and hang them over a towel bar. There are many different types of towels to choose from, and any way you display them, white towels give the sense of cleanliness and calm.

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    Glass Bottles and Apothecary Jars

    Glass Bottle with Bubble Bath. Dorling Kindersley / Getty

    Clear glass bottles and apothecary jars are beautiful, inexpensive, and can house all sorts of bathroom niceties for guests such as bubble bath, shampoo, scented lotion, cotton balls and cotton swabs.  Taking the time to decant toiletries from their original packaging into glass bottles and jars is a nice touch because it makes everything look more expensive and cohesive.

    Your local dollar store is a great place to look for inexpensive glassware to use in your guest bathroom.

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    Teak or Bamboo Bath Mat

    Teak Bath Mat. Natural Wood Decor
    Have you ever wondered why spas almost always have teak or bamboo bath mats?  The reason is because they are naturally water and mold-resistant; but, they also happen to slip around a lot less than cotton bathmats or towels.  Give your guests a safe, clean spot to step out of the tub with this luxurious touch.
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    Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

    Waffle Weave Shower Curtain. Pottery Barn

    When in doubt, go with white.  You can't go wrong in creating a spa-like atmosphere for your guest bathroom with walls painted in a soothing color, bright white linens, and natural wood accents.  This waffle-weave shower curtain is the perfect choice, giving the space a dose of texture, which adds interest to a mostly monochromatic space.

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    Fresh Soaps

    Liquid and Bar Soap. Carolyn Barber / Dorling Kindersley / Getty

    Save the slivers of soap for your own shower, and make sure to lay out a new bar of soap or two for your guests.  While you're at it, decant some liquid hand soap into a simple dispenser by the sink.

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    Toothbrush Holder

    Toothbrush Holder. Wayfair
    It's preferable to leave the bathroom vanity clear of as much clutter as possible so that guests have room for their own toiletries.  One exception to this, however, is a toothbrush holder.  This simple white and chrome number won't distract from the soothing atmosphere you're trying to create.
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    Robe Hook

    Robe Hook. Pottery Barn

    Don't make your guests guess where to hang their wet towels, causing them to hang them on doorknobs or drape them over furniture, which could cause damage to wood.  Instead, hang robe or towel hooks in the guest bathroom.

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    Bud Vase or Shallow Bowl

    Floating Flower. Marcela Barsse / E+ / Getty

    Spa-like retreats are known for their spare aesthetic, so there's no need to accessorize your guest bathroom with lots of decorative items and artwork.  Rather, outfit the space with simple amenities and storage items such as those described above, then add a touch of natural beauty with flowers. Opt for a single stem or bloom--especially an exotic one like a water lily or an orchid--to achieve an authentic spa-like experience.  

    Follow these best practices for decorating with faux florals if...MORE you want a low-maintenance option.

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    Air Freshener

    Reed Diffuser. Marcela Barsse / E+ / Getty

    Let's be honest: Is there anything worse than needing to use the facilities in someone else's home and feeling embarrassed about the "evidence?"  Spare your guests the agony by placing a reed diffuser, scented candle, or room spray in the bathroom.  Avoid noxious aerosols, however, and opt for just a simple pump spray in a pretty bottle.

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    Other Amenities

    Manicure Items. Tetra Images / Getty

    This list of other guest bathroom amenities include items that are nice to have on hand, but don't need to be on display.  Tuck them under the bathroom sink or in a closet.  Alternatively, some could be placed in a well-appointed guest bedroom.

    • Extra toilet paper
    • Travel-sized toiletries like extra toothpaste or shampoo
    • Manicure and pedicure items like a set of nail clippers and a file
    • A fluffy white bath robe
    • A hair dryer