4 Space-Making Room Dividers That Double As Storage

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    Room Divider Doubles as a Bedroom Closet


    Room dividers with built-in storage will help you divide and define space in your home while maximizing square footage. The following four ideas are my personal favorites. Each one is well suited for small spaces.

    The multifunctional room divider shown above is a DIY by the Dutch magazine, 101 Woonideeen. It's a room divider, headboard, and closet rolled into one.

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    Bookcase That Doubles as a Room Divider


    What's not to love about IKEA's KALLAX series? The super useful shelving units double as bookcase room dividers. They're available in different sizes that can be combined or not to work in both small and large living spaces. They're also available in seven beautiful shades. The eye-popping red one shared above comes with a nice high gloss finish. This Kallax unit is also available in soothing yellow.

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    Room Dividing Screen With Built-in Pockets


    Some girls spend hours perusing shoes online. I can waste an entire day gazing at stuff found on Home Depot's website -- like this three-panel fabric room divider with pocket holders. It stands a little more than 70-inches tall, and it's 47-inches wide. When it's not being used, it folds flat, so you can store it under a sofa or bed. It retails for less than $150.

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    Clothing Racks Make Great Room Dividers

    Sarah Sherman Samuel / Smitten Studio Online

    A beautiful DIY garment rack like the one shown here by Smitten Studio can double as a room divider while whipping up space for clothing.