Space-Saving Solutions for Kids and Teens

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    Cozy Closet Workspace

    Have a blossoming teenager on your hands? While a study zone is essential for a soon-to-be college-bound teen, a large, ugly workspace can seriously cramp their style​—not to mention living quarters.

    This comfy closet hideaway has everything your teen needs to hit the books while leaving plenty of room to lounge with friends. A comfy desk chair doubles as a cozy armchair when the desk is not in use.

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    Loft Beds: Move It On Up

    Small Cozy Domestic Room (Home)
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    Short on floor space? Move on up! Introducing levels to your design will allow you to make the most of your teen’s space, providing additional storage or room for a spacious study zone or social area.

    Can’t afford a custom, built-in bunk? Building your own may be easier than you think. Even if you’re not the handy type, you can easily achieve the same effect by purchasing a pre-built loft bed, many of which incorporate space-saving storage or a built-in desk.

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    Room for Entertaining

    boy's bedroom
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    As children grow, their bedrooms become a much-needed personal refuge and a place for socializing with friends.

    This loft bed/living suite combo allows teens to reclaim the space traditionally taken up by their bed as a comfortable, private sitting area for watching TV, playing video games or just chilling out with friends. Incorporating a convertible couch into the design provides additional accommodation for your teen’s sleepover guests.

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    Breaking with Tradition

    When it comes to bedrooms, beds have long enjoyed a starring role. But recasting this traditionally prominent piece of furniture into a supporting role can actually free up a great deal of floor space.

    This small platform creates the perfect daytime hideaway for a small bed, leaving room for an expansive work area and perhaps a cozy sitting room. When it’s time to sleep, simply slide the roll-away bed out and settle in for the night.

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    Tuck-Away Trundle

    High angle view of trundle and twin beds in bedroom
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    Highly versatile, most trundle beds prove to be a great investment, allowing you to create a room that grows with your child’s needs.​​

    Trundle beds take up little space but can provide a great deal of additional storage as well as a quick and easy solution for making overnight guests comfortable. As your child grows, the top bunk can easily be converted into a couch for socializing with friends. Some trundle beds are even designed to convert into queen-size beds—a useful feature once your kid grows bigger.

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    Asymmetrical Bunk Beds: Tradition with a Twist

    Asymmetrical Bunk Beds
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    Universally loved by kids,​ bunk beds are one of the oldest space-saving solutions in the book. However, the classic bunk bed has experienced something of a style rehaul in recent years, resulting in sleeker, safer and more modern designs that make even better use of your little ones’ limited space.

    By staggering the beds, this asymmetrical bunk bed design provides additional storage, negating the need for large, bulky dressers and providing more space for work and play.

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    Fabulous Fold-Down

    When space is limited, each and every square foot counts. Want to make the most of what little square footage you have available? Make it count twice by replacing the bed with a fold-down.