7 Spaces With Ceilings That Wow

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    7 Spaces With Ceilings That Wow

    Typically, when you enter a room, your eyes get drawn to one of three places: the walls, the furniture or the floor covering. Walls can grab your attention by employing either a bold paint color, alluring wallpaper, or a display of thought-provoking artwork. At the same time, unique material choices, and compelling silhouettes coupled with a well laid-out floor plan can, literally, make furniture the center of attention. Meanwhile, rugs and carpets are known to ground a room and can often times make a bold statement of their own. Although these are all great ways of creating interest in a space, we propose a fourth option. We find that spaces that have an unconventional focal point offer the most visually enticing environments. To better show you what I mean, here are seven unique vantage points, all looking upward to ceilings that have steered clear of traditional white paint and tips on how to successfully achieve the look.

    This Greenwich Village Penthouse was designed by Rafael de Cardenas and is the epitome of avant-garde artistic glamour. A gold staircase railing leads up to this unusual, but phenomenal contrast of the downtown New York skyline and a brilliantly vivid ceiling-and-wall covering by Assume Vivid Astro Focus. By juxtaposing two strong images—one real, the other illustrated—Raphael created a wow factor for guests as they travel through the space. To create a similar effect, add dramatic, colorful wallpaper to your entryway to create an initial sense of awe for your guests. It will make a bold statement that will set the tone for the décor throughout the remainder of your home.

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    Beneath the Trees

    As the summer days begin to dwindle, we usher in the radiant colors of fall and, eventually, the harsh cold of winter. In the process, leaves will slowly, but surely, start to fall from their branches. But the changing seasons don’t have to keep us from enjoying the sight of a tree in full bloom all year round. By using this large-scale painting of a tree that extends onto the ceiling, the lushness of the outdoors is incorporated into this space without the fuss of keeping a live plant. This playroom is a prime example of how placing oversized artwork from your floor to your ceiling can create an outstanding impact in your home.

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    Tapestries on Top

    Nothing says bohemian chic like a well-placed tapestry. For an exotic retreat feel, try hanging a globally inspired textile from the ceiling. Loosely hanging fabric from the ceiling creates a gorgeous billowing effect that can not only add intrigue but also soften a room. When using fabric with more texture and depth, applying adhesive glue to mount the pieces directly to the ceiling can also create a unique and dynamic look.

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    Metallic Modern

    Designer Greg Natale infuses this space with a modern take on 70s glam rock style. A metallic gold zigzag ceiling sets the tone for the entire space. The room’s monochromatic color scheme is punctuated by watermelon accents and bold motifs. Adding gold to any space adds a splash of glamour, but to stencil it on the ceiling in a pattern is sure to leave a lasting impression on all of your guests.

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    A Solid Impact

    7 Spaces with Ceilings That Wow
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    When you want to do minimal work and create maximum impact, paint your ceiling with one unexpected jewel tone. This works particularly well in spaces in which you want to add a pop of color without disturbing the serenity of the living space. Jewel tones make a room feel grand and luxurious; however, airier tones can also be used to create a feeling that's lighter and more relaxed. For those of us who are typically cautious with color, but are willing to try a little something new, this is also a great way to incorporate color in a singular way to add some excitement to our spaces.

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    Textured Tin

    If this doesn’t scream incandescent charm, we don’t know what does. This fresh country kitchen features a ceiling made of stunning embellished metal panels. Because tin is a reflective surface, it lights this kitchen space beautifully. The tin ceiling contrasted against the whitewashed reclaimed wood walls creates a world of texture. The best part of it all is that tin ceilings are relevantly easy to install and won’t break the bank along the way. This elegant style is one to remember.

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    News Room

    This bathroom gives a whole new meaning to wall paper! When working with a small space, creating the right optical illusions are imperative. In this news-worthy bathroom, the wallpaper is continued from the surrounding walls onto the ceiling, making the room appear larger and the space more extensive. Wallpaper paste and a flat craft sealant are the only items needed to recreate this distinct and distinguished look.

    Jordan Adero is a young, up-and-coming interior designer with an unconventional approach to creating visually stimulating environments. The great granddaughter of famed architect, Paul R. Williams, Jordan is the founder of the blog Sur La Coffee Table, which explores new and distinguished books on interior design and architecture.