7 Spanish Desserts for Summer

A Refreshing Spanish Dessert for Every Day of the Week

From smooth and creamy flan, fluffy mousse and rice pudding, to icy cold granitas and fresh fruit desserts, the Spanish enjoy sweets, especially after their big midday meal. Here are a half a dozen Spanish desserts, which are made for summer.  All of them are make-ahead dishes, to be served cold.

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    Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Recipe - Mousse de Chocolate y Avellanas

    Chocolate Mousse - Mousse de Chocolate
    Chocolate Mousse - Mousse de Chocolate. (c) 2014 Lisa Sierra Licensed to About.com Inc.

    Chocolate hazelnut mousse is a delicious light and fluffy mousse, with smooth chocolate flavor. Then, it is topped with finely ground hazelnuts, a Spanish favorite, which gives it a nutty flavor and crunchy texture.


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    Arroz con Leche
    Arroz con Leche.

    Rice Pudding, or Arroz con Leche is Spanish comfort food. Rich, creamy and sweet, plump rice, cooked with lemon peel and cinnamon, it can be enjoyed warm or cold.


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    Coffee Flan - Flan de Cafe (c)
    Coffee Flan - Flan de Cafe. Lisa Sierra (c) 2009 Licensed to About.com Inc.

    Flan is an easy dessert, no matter what flavor you choose, vanilla, strawberry, orange or another fruit flavor. This coffee flan is easy, too and can be made well ahead of time. Strong espresso coffee gives this flan a deep, rich flavor, perfect to be enjoyed with a copita, or "small glass" of after dinner liqueur.

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    Lemon-Orange Granita Recipe - Granizado de Limon y Naranja

    Lemon-Orange Granita - Granizado de Limon y Naranja
    Lemon-Orange Granita - Granizado de Limon y Naranja. (c) 2011 Lisa Sierra Licensed to About.com Inc.

    Hot Mediterranean summers call for ice cold desserts and drinks to stay cool. The Italians call them granitas, while the Spanish call them granizadosGranizado comes from the word Granizo, which in Spanish means “hail,” but this icy dessert tastes much better than hail! It is flavored with both lemon and orange peels and juices, too. It is a refreshing dessert on a hot summer day.


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    Spanish Fruit Trifle Recipe

    Spanish Fruit Trifle
    Spanish Fruit Trifle. Lisa Sierra (c) 2009 Licensed to About.com Inc.

    Make this hours before serving and keep it chilled in the refrigerator. Thick, creamy egg custard is spread over a layer of liqueur-soaked lady fingers, then topped with slices of fresh fruit, and finally drizzled with a sweet and tangy orange glaze. Deep red strawberries and bright green kiwis make a dramatic color combination, but use any fresh fruit you like.

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    Lemon Sorbet Recipe - Sorbete de Limon

    Lemon Sorbet - Sorbete de Limon (c)
    Lemon Sorbet - Sorbete de Limon. Lisa Sierra (c) 2009 Licensed to About.com Inc.

    It's no wonder that sorbets and ices are popular in every Mediterranean country during the long, hot, dry summers. Prepare this lemon sorbet any time there are lots of fresh lemons, and sweetened condensed milk by mixing together and freezing just a few hours. Sweet, but tangy sorbet makes a great finish for a summer dinner. Scooping into hollowed, frozen lemon halves makes a beautiful presentation, and leaves no dessert dishes to wash.


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    Turron Ice Cream with Chocolate
    Turron Ice Cream with Chocolate. (c) 2014 Lisa Sierra Licensed to About.com Inc.
    This turrón ice cream recipe uses soft and hard varieties of turrón candy to create a flashy summer dessert, which is truly simple to make. Start with vanilla ice cream and mix with soft turrón. Spread out in a pan, top with warm chocolate and pieces of crunchy hard turrón