A Spanish Easter Sunday Menu With Recipes

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    Easter Food With a Spanish Twist

    Easter table menu
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    If you are planning an Easter Day menu, why not go Spanish? This menu has a recipe for each course, from easy appetizers and a fresh mixed green salad to a wonderful roast lamb and potatoes to a delicious dessert of Catalan cream. Make just one of these dishes to add some Spanish flair, or take on the whole menu and go Spanish all the way.​

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    Calamares fritos
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    Impress your guests with a fan favorite: fried calamari (calamares fritos or calamares a la romana). These rings of squid are lightly floured and fried. By purchasing already cleaned and cut squid, the cooking process is simplified—you just need to time the frying right to avoid chewy calamari. With a bit of lemon juice squeezed over them, these rings of squid are a tasty way to start a meal.



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    Mixed green salad
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    Ensalada mixta is a delightful and colorful mix of lettuce and vegetables such as tender white asparagus, tomatoes, carrots and much, much more! Some of the ingredients may be a bit of a surprise to Americans (like tuna and eggs), but it is a fresh, tasty and satisfying way to enjoy a big green salad.

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    Cordero Asado - Roast Lamb
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    A traditional meat to serve on Easter in Spain is lamb. Cordero asado is roasted lamb with lots of garlic—a great main course for Easter, especially since spring is the time of year lambs give birth. That means fresh lamb is abundant—and usually on special at the butcher.

    If you prefer to make a simpler main course, try chuletas de cordero (lamb chops). Lamb chops take less time, but still give the rich and juicy flavor of lamb and garlic. 


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    Side Dishes

    Patatas gratinadas
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    Patatas gratinadas, Spanish potatoes au gratin, are a typical dish in northeastern Spain and are the perfect Easter Sunday side dish. They feature a sheep's milk cheese, which Spain is famous for, and go well with a rich meat like tender and juicy roast lamb. 

    Alubias verdes con ajo is a simple and very fresh green bean dish with that distinct garlic flavor, taking an often ho-hum vegetable and making it something your guests will be talking about. 

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    Crema Catalana
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    Crema Catalana is the Spanish version of creme brulee (a rich custard with a crust on top). It is delicious and creamy, with a lemon flavor. This easy recipe is a fresh, light dessert to finish off a wonderful Spanish meal!