Spanish Spring Brunch Menu

Fresh and Light Spanish Dishes for Spring

Full Spanish brunch spread
Westend61 / Getty Images

It’s springtime and the weather is warming up. Winter vegetables are becoming scarce in the produce departments while spring vegetables and fruits have begun to appear, like asparagus and strawberries. The following brunch menu includes an egg dish, asparagus, eggplant and garlicky shrimp. To finish off the meal, macedonia de fruta tropical - tropical fruits marinated in rum or liqueur. And what brunch would be complete without cold sparkling wine?

Spanish cava is a good choice for brunch because it is good quality at a good price.

Cava – Spanish Sparkling Wine

Although champagne was the first sparkling wine and it is the most famous, Spain produces many fine sparkling wines. It is called cava after the cellars in which the wine is produced. Several brands are available in the USA and will complete your Spanish brunch.

Tortilla Española – Spanish Omelet

Yes, this is a favorite of Spanish cuisine. You can make it in the morning and refrigerate it. Allow it to warm up to room temperature before serving. Because the tortilla will disappear quickly, so be sure to cut it before serving it. Cut and serve a loaf of crusty French-style bread.

Esparragos con Alioli – Steamed Asparagus with Alioli Sauce

What could be better than spears of freshly steamed asparagus served with alioli sauce for dipping?!

Gambas al Ajillo – Garlic Shrimp

One of the most common and most popular tapas in Spain, this dish is quick, easy and FULL of garlic flavor.

Your guests will be asking for the recipe after the first bite, especially the garlic lovers!

Berengena con Vinegreta de Tomate – Grilled Eggplant with Tomato Vinaigrette

Although this salad is not a tapa, with all the protein and bread your guests are eating in the other tapas, this is a light and fresh finish to the evening.

It does contain a little bit of fish and cheese, but your guests can skip those and savor the fresh fruit and lettuce.

Macedonia de Frutas Tropicales – Tropical Fruit Salad

A simple, refreshing and delicious way to end a great brunch is a fresh fruit salad. This recipe is delectable with a bit of liqueur or sparkling wine splashed over the top - and won’t leave you feeling too full.