Sparkling Cocktails for a Great New Year's Eve Party

Ringing in the New Year With Stylish Drinks

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Get your New Year's Eve party started right with an exquisite and impressive cocktail.

Straight champagne is great and it is always fun to pop the cork right as the ball drops. There is a lot of party before that, though, and many great cocktails to choose from to fill the gap.

This cocktail collection includes some fantastic recipes that have that yearly theme, plenty of champagne, and are perfect for any New Year's Eve Party.

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    Happy New Year Champagne Cocktail
    Few drinks say it better than this easy little Champagne cocktail: "Happy New Year!". Jason Loucas / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    Ingredients: brandy, ruby port, orange juice, champagne

    Of course, a drink with the name 'Happy New Year' is going to have champagne! Would you also expect brandy, port, and orange juice?

    There's a lot going on in this drink and it is fabulous. There are few better ways to say, well, you know

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    The Clean Slate Cocktail by Cody Frederickson
    New Year's and beyond, The Clean Slate is an amazing cocktail that has a lot going on. Amaretto vodka is just the beginning!. Michael Maurquand/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    Ingredients: amaretto vodka, St. Germain, Cherry Heering, lemon juice, apple-cinnamon syrup, champagne

    This is a fun cocktail that uses amaretto vodka, elderflower and cherry liqueurs with a special apple-cinnamon syrup and it is a topped off with a little champagne.

    The gold rim adds that extra sparkle needed for a great New Year's party.

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    Classic Twentieth Century Cocktail Recipe
    A delicate gin and cacao cocktail, the Twentieth Century has been a great cocktail since the turn of that century. David Loftus/StockFood Creative/Getty Images

    Ingredients: gin, creme de cacao, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice

    We may be well into the twenty-first century but that does not mean we can't partake in a Twentieth Century Cocktail. This is one of those classics from the beginning of the 1900's.

    There is a second Twentieth Century Cocktail included in the recipe as well. If you are in the mood for the faintest hint of chocolate (without using any), then that is a great choice.

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    Melon ball cocktail by a pool
    Have fun on New Year's Eve with the easy, citrus taste of the Midori Melon Drop. Getty Images/Bill Boch

    Ingredients: citrus vodka, Midori, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, melon balls

    When the ball drops in Times Square on New Year's Eve, this Melon Ball Drop cocktail is a cocktail you will want in your hand.

    It is a sweet, easy vodka martini that pairs tart fruits with a hint of elderflower. It is surprising and fantastic!

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    Millennium Cocktail
    There are many Millennium Cocktails and this recipe is an easy, sparkling gin and fruit drink that is perfect for any occasion. Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Getty Images

    Ingredients: gin, cherry brandy, orange juice, ginger ale

    When the most recent millennium turnover took place, many "Millennium Cocktails" were created and this gin recipe is just one of them. Most of the other recipes include dark spirits like brandy and whiskey and all are quite tasty.

    All of the Millennium Cocktails out there are perfect for kicking off any New Year's Eve party.

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    Midnight Martini
    You're just two ingredients away from a Midnight Martini. Studio MPM/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    Ingredients: vodka (or coffee vodka), coffee liqueur, cinnamon syrup

    The Midnight Martini is a perfect fit for New Year's Eve. The coffee profile gives it the look of midnight and if you choose to go with both the liqueur and a coffee vodka like Van Gogh's Espresso you will be up well past midnight.

    It is not a bad way to bring in the New Year!

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    Classic Leap Year Cocktail
    The Leap Year is a classic gin cocktail that deserves to be drunk more than once every four years. Photo: S&C Design Studios

    Ingredients: gin, sweet vermouth, Grand Marnier, lemon juice

    Every year may not be a leap year, but this is a fantastic classic cocktail that deserves a taste at least once a year. What better time than to celebrate a new one?

    The Leap Year is simply a delightful, sweet version of the classic Martini and it is one of those ageless classics that hasn't been lost to time.