Special Clothing Made Especially to Fit 18-inch Dolls

Theodora and Callum

For many little girls, even before the age of 1, they like to love and care for their baby dolls while playing.  First you frequently see those floppy, soft rag dolls, carried under a toddler's arms. Many children love to copy their parent's actions by rocking their dolls, feeding their babies with a bottle, wrapping them in a blanket, lying them down to sleep and comforting them with a pacifier.  

As children become older, and enter preschool and grade school, their play with dolls can change. What was first a way to care for their doll, turns into wanting to accessorize or dress up their dolls in fashionable clothes and outfits. They like to style their hair and get their ears pierced. Many little girls also want to wear clothing to match their dolls, especially for holidays and other special occasions.  

18-inch fashion dolls can range in price from $50-$100. Popular brands of dolls that include these taller, larger dolls can be bought from well-known and respected doll companies like American Girl dolls, Adora Friends dolls, and Madame Alexander. Generally many children, who are between the ages 6-10 years-old, often ask for dolls like these. Even though they can be more expensive, they often make a great birthday or holiday gift, or a special gift from a grandparent.

Part of collecting dolls is also building a collection of beautiful clothes to dress them up in.

Many girls are not looking to wear the same pajamas as their dolls. They want to collect a whole wardrobe of clothes that include dresses, play clothes, and night gowns. Sometimes there are special events that girls might attend where they would like to wear a special dress, just like their doll. Some girls also like to share their interests with their doll, dressing them up in Girl Scout outfits, swimsuits and gymnastics leotards.

Theodora & Callum is an accessories and clothing company created by Stefani Greenfield and Desiree Gruber. This company sells a beautiful collection of designer scarves, jewelry, dresses, and tops. Their bright, comfortable clothing is inspired by popular travel destinations in Morocco, Turkey, Bali, India, and the Mediterranean.

The company, Theodora & Callum, is named for Greenfield's daughter and Gruber's son. The children were the inspiration for a line of summer clothing for little girls that includes headbands, shoes, and dresses. This clothing is sold exclusively at Chasing Fireflies. Their travel-inspired children's wear line, which may expand to include boys in the future. However, little girls may enjoy being able to buy a dress for their doll that matches theirs.

At this time, Theodora and Callum only includes 1 option for a dress to match a child's clothing. There are other companies available who also sell clothing for girls to wear to match their dolls. 

  • Consider the Dollie & Me line at Kohls. Little girls who range in sizes between 4 and 14 are able to match their dolls while wearing play clothes, pajamas, night gowns, and beautiful dresses.  Many items can be purchased either in-store or online. 
  • At one time, Matilda Jane, another fashion design company that sells clothing for little girls also sold colorful, whimsical outfits children could wear to match their dolls
  • Look in the toy aisles of large retailers like Target, Kmart, Walmart they not only sell clothing for the dolls, but it is possible they may also have clothing to match little girls. 
  • Visit local craft fairs. Their maybe even a friend or family member who is able to create a custom dress for both little girls and their dolls using a pattern and fabric that the child chooses.
  • If you do not know anyone locally, Etsy.com only has handmade clothing that can be bought for little girls to wear to match their dolls. While some girls may not want to wear matching clothing, look for scarves, tutus, jewelry, headbands, sashes, and other unique accessories that help girls offer style to their dolls as well.