Special Days and Observances in April

National months, weeks, and days for activities

April Calendar
April Calendar. Image credit: dinky123uk / 123RF Stock Photo

The month of April has holidays and observances that raise awareness of health conditions, focus on healthy activities, and spotlight specific areas of interest. Schools, health care organizations, and community programs may have activities planned around these observances. You can look for them in your local area or plan your own activities for your child or together.

Month-Long Observances

Week-Long Observances

  • Young People's Poetry Week (third week)
  • National Sleep Awareness Week (last week)
  • Sky Awareness Week (last full week)
  • World Immunization Week (last week)

Special Days and Holidays

Note that the exact day for some of these observances changes from year to year while others are always observed on the same day of the month.

The dates provided are approximate. Check further for the day they are to be observed in the current year.

Week One

  • April 1 April Fool's Day
  • April 2 International Children's Book Day
  • April 3 Pony Express Day
  • April 4 Tell A Lie Day
  • April 7 Metric System Day

Week Two

  • April 8 Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
  • April 9 Name Yourself Day
  • April 9 National Winston Churchill Day
  • April 9 Appomattox Day
  • April 10 Siblings Day
  • April 11 Barbershop Quartet Day
  • April 12 Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Day
  • April 13 Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
  • April 13 Scrabble Day
  • April 14 Look Up at the Sky Day
  • April 14 Poem in Your Pocket Day

Week Three

  • April 15 Patriot's Day
  • April 16 Stress Awareness Day
  • April 16 National Librarian Day
  • April 17 Bat Appreciation Day
  • April 17 Ellis Island Family History Day
  • April 17 National Haiku Day
  • April 22 Earth Day

Week Four

  • April 23 Teach Your Children to Save Day
  • April 23 Take a Chance Day
  • April 23 Talk Like Shakespeare Day
  • April 24 World Meningitis Day
  • April 25 DNA Day
  • April 25 World Penguin Day
  • April 26 National Paper Airplane Day
  • April 26 Richter Scale Day
  • April 27 Arbor Day (last Friday)
  • April 27 National Tell A Story Day
  • April 27 Morse Code Day
  • April 28 Great Poetry Reading Day
  • April 29 Puppetry Day
  • April 29 Save the Frog Day
  • April 30 National Honesty Day
  • April 30 Eeyore's Birthday