Special Days and Observances in January 2019

Use This Calendar to Plan Activities for Your Kids to Learn and Explore!

January Calendar
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New Year's Day is just the first of many special days and observances in January that can provide you with ideas for learning and fun to share with your child or classroom. They can enjoy activities that celebrate Trivia Day, Appreciate a Dragon Day, and National Kazoo Day. January is also National Book Month and International Creativity Month.

There are also health awareness observances and national months and weeks that promote healthy living and showcase specific conditions or awareness programs. Use these as an opportunity to talk to your kids about these topics. For example, National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week can be your prompt to broach that subject and have a thoughtful and educational discussion about the topic. You may find activities planned by community centers, schools, or health care organizations related to specific observances or you can plan your own.

Month-Long Observances

Week-Long Observances

Special Days and Holidays

These days may be observed on the same date each year or they may vary from year to year. You'll have to check your calendar for the exact date for each new year.

First Week

  • January 1 New Years Day
  • January 1 Ellis Island Day
  • January 1 Daydreamers Day
  • January 2 National Science Fiction Day
  • January 3 JRR Tolkien Day
  • January 4 Trivia Day
  • January 5 National Bird Day

Second Week

  • January 6 Sherlock Holmes' Birthday
  • January 7 Old Rock Day
  • January 8 Bubble Bath Day
  • January 9 National Static Electricity Day
  • January 9 Word Nerd Day
  • January 10 Peculiar People Day
  • January 12 Museum Day

Third Week

  • January 13 Make Your Dream Come True Day
  • January 14 Ratification Day (Treaty of Paris)
  • January 16 Appreciate a Dragon Day
  • January 17 Benjamin Franklin's Birthday
  • January 17 Kid Inventors Day
  • January 18 Thesaurus Day
  • January 18 Pooh Day
  • January 19 Metric System Day
  • January 19 International Flower Day

Fourth Week

  • January 20 Camcorder Day
  • January 21 National Hugging Day
  • January 21 Martin Luther King Day
  • January 23 National Handwriting Day
  • January 24 National Compliment Day
  • January 24 Clashing Clothes Day
  • January 26 Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement

Fifth Week

  • January 28 National Kazoo Day
  • January 29 Thomas Paine Day
  • January 29 National Puzzle Day
  • January 20 Draw a Dinosaur Day
  • January 31 Backwards Day