Speedwell Veronica officinalis

Speedwell. photo © flickr user Arria Belli



There are several types of speedwell, all with small, lobed, numerous leaves and small white or purple flowers. Leaves are in pairs and have scalloped edges. Heart shaped seed pods grow on the stem below the flowers. See the botanical illustration.


Either perennial or annual, speedwell appears in early spring but can begin greening up in late winter. Most speedwell is characterized by creeping growth with rooting at the nodes.

Flowers are very small on short stalks. Speedwell can grow in most any condition but thrives in dry, sandy, and shady areas.

Physical Control:

Encourage optimum turf growth conditions. Apply fertilizer in late fall to avoid the initial flush of growth associated with early spring fertilizing.

Chemical Control:

Apply a pre-emergent herbicide like pendimethalin, balan, or dacthal to prevent seed germination in the spring. Spot spray with post-emergent broadleaf herbicide containing triclopyr, clopyralid, or 2,4-D, MCPP, and dicamba.