Give a Spicy Touch to Your St. Patrick's Day With These Recipes

Eight Irish Recipes to Get The Celebrations Started

March 17th is a special day all over the world, it's St. Patrick's Day. On this holiday everyone is Irish. Shamrocks, green coloured decorations, and even green coloured foods are everywhere. Of course no St. Patrick's Day celebration is complete without indulging in both Irish food and drinks. Some of the foods and drinks are traditional, and others just inspired by the celebratory mood. Here are eight recipes to give a spicy touch to your St. Patrick's Day. 

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    Chorizo and Jalapeno CottagePie. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    The traditional cottage pie gets a spicy makeover. You may also know this pie as shepherd's pie, regardless of what you may call it, I think will all agree about how delicious this meal is. In my recipe I've add green chilies and a spicy chorizo sausage for a new and spicy spin. 



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    Spicy Cabbage-Potato Pancake Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day. Valentina of

    Valentina, of Cooking On The Weekends, created a scrumptious potato pancake just for St. Patrick's Day. Her recipe includes an Indonesia chili sauce known as Sambal Oelek, and it is a winning combination. 

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    Spicy Guiness Mustard. Lindsay, Evermine Blog

    This mustard spread over your St. Patrick's Day corned beef or boiled dinner would be delectables. And if you're looking for something delicious to spread over your Irish soda bread, this spicy mustard is it. Recipe by Lindsay of Evermine Blog. 

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    Bangers and Mash
    Bangers and Mash. J Shepherd | Getty Images

    Just about every Irish pub in the world serves this comforting dish. Composed of bangers (sausage) and mash (mashed potatoes), often served with gravy, and topped with fried onions. David Leite's recipe is very traditional but there is a nice spicy twist: red chile flakes. 


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    Sweet & Spicy Foil Roasted Corned Beef. Henrietta of

    Mustard and horseradish are a winning combination, and this recipe has them both! You only need a bit of planning to get this sweet and spicy roasted corned beef in the oven and on your table. Henrietta, of A Hen’s Nest, recipe and instructions are so easy that anyone can prepare her corned beef. 

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    Corned Beef Tacos for #StPatricksDay
    Corned Beef Tacos. Karen and

    Corned beef can be served in the traditional way (like in the recipe above), or you can give it a unique twist. Karen, of Tasty Trials, cooked her corned beef in a crockpot then served it inside warm tortillas, topped with a spicy coleslaw, and topped with slices of jalapeño chiles

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    Spicy and Sweet Potato Colcannon with Pancetta
    Irish Colcannon. Diana Miller | Getty Images

    Colcannon is an Irish dish made with potato mash, cabbage and spring onions. In this modern version of colcannon, Allison Cay Parker, uses cayenne powder to spicy things up. 


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