Spider Crafts

Free Patterns and Instructions for Making Spider Crafts

Check out all of these fun and unique spider crafts. Whether you like spiders or they give you the creepy-crawlies, you are sure to enjoy making one or more of these amazing spider crafts. These make fun Halloween decorations there is even one made especially for Christmas.

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    Button Spider Craft

    Button Spider Craft
    Button Spider Craft.

    You can make several spiders using these directions and a handful of buttons. They don't all have to be black; you can make them in a rainbow of colors.

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    Clay Pot Spider
    Clay Pot Spider.

    You can recycle an unwanted flower pot by turning it into one of these cute spiders. You can turn the pot upside down like I did, or you can leave it right side up and fill it with candy or spider rings to give out for Halloween.

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    Handprint Spider

    Handprint Spider Craft
    Handprint Spider Craft.

    Trace your hands onto black or brown paper and use them as legs for this spider.

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    Pedestal Spider Web
    Pedestal Spider Web.

    This is another recycled spider craft. It is made using a baby food jar and an old candle holder. This makes a really cute Halloween decoration.

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    Spider Felt Tote Bag

    Spider Felt Tote Bag
    Spider Felt Tote Bag. Sherri Osborn

    If you are looking for a unique trick-or-treat bag, follow these directions and make one out of a plain tote bag. If you don't have a plain tote bag, you can make one of those also.

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    Balloon Spider Decoration

    Balloon Spider Decoration
    Balloon Spider Decoration.

    A visitor named Denise explains how you can use ordinary party decorations to make a large spider.

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    Hot Glue Gun Window Spider Web

    Hot Glue Gun Window Spider Web
    Hot Glue Gun Window Spider Web.

    It is easy to make this decoration using nothing more a hot glue gun. Use it to 'draw' directly on a window and then it peels right off when you are ready to remove it.

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    Yarn Spider Web

    Yarn Spider Web Craft
    Yarn Spider Web.

    This is a fun project the youngest and oldest kids in the family will enjoy making. All you need is paper, yarn, and some glue.

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    Spider Ornament Craft
    Spider Ornament Craft.

    Follow these directions to make a beaded spider ornament to hang on your Christmas tree. Make sure you also read the legend behind it.

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    Pin the Spider on the Web Game

    Pin the Spider on the Web Game
    Pin the Spider on the Web Game.

    Download these patterns, or draw out your own, and then gather together all your friends and family to play this fun Halloween game.

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    Wire and Bead Spider Earrings

    Spider Earrings
    Wire and Bead Spider Earrings. Tammy Powley

    Learn how to create adorable spiders using beads and wire.

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    Spooky Spider Jewelry

    Plastic Spider Necklace
    Spooky Spider Jewelry. Tammy Powley

    Learn how you can make fun and easy jewelry out of plastic spiders.