Spike the Dinosaur from Fisher-Price

Spike the Dinosaur from Fisher-Price
Spike the Dinosaur from Fisher-Price. Fisher-Price

Spike the Dinosaur is a pretty amazing dinosaur toy who is able to walk, blink, roar, snore, growl and stand up to 24 inches tall while on his hind legs. He's interactive with the use of a wireless remote control. Some kids might even believe they have a real pet dinosaur!

Dinosaurs and prehistoric legends have been an age old fantasy with kids and adults alike. These prehistoric giants have captured the imagination of one and all.

Kids are attracted to the sheer size of this toy and children, especially if they enjoy dinosaurs. Aside from being just a cool dinosaur to control, kids can role play as Spike their pet dinosaur might help to expand a child's imaginative play if they use him to crash down towers of blocks, bust through cities of Matchbox cars, or even just use him to sneak up and scare their brothers and sisters!

Spike's bright spikes will definitely attract kids. While Spike the Dinosaur is in production retirement and not available new on shelves in retail stores any longer,  if this is a toy you know your child would love, it is possible to buy collectible versions of Spike the Dinosaur as a used toy through online retailers like Amazon.com.


  • Spike is a 27" dinosaur toy that is controlled using a wireless remote control who will definately be the center of attention
  • He can walk, stand on his hind legs, blink and his spikes light up
  • Spike makes cool sounds like growling, snorting and roaring making him seem like the real thing
  • This toy is recommended for kids ages 3-10.


  • Spike the Ultra Brontosaurus dinosaur can walk, blink and even stand on his hind legs
  • Spike the Dinosaur makes cool sounds like a roar, snore and growl
  • You can use a simple, wireless remote to control Spike forward, backward, left and right
  • Spike can open his mouth, blink his eyes, stand up on his hind legs and throw a boulder
  • This toy uses a rechargeable battery so there's no need to have a stash of expensive batteries hidden away


  • Spike the Dinosaur is expensive since it is not available for purchase in store and is now considered a collectible toy 
  • Since Spike the Dinosaur is an older toy that can be bought used, while he has some great features, he may not be as engaging and reactive to a child's interactions such as newer animatronic toys that don't require a remote control like the Furreal Pets Starlily My Magical Unicorn 

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