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In your busy and connected life, the best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. Even careful, conscientious drivers can experience the unexpected out on the road. And what happens when your phone is out of reach or out of service? OnStar® brings you a live Advisor, ready to help you 24/7.
Check here for coverage map, details and system limitations. Services vary by model.
5,455 Calls/Month
OnStar Advisors answer an average of about 5,455 Emergency calls per month. EMD certified Advisors1 are specially trained to provide Emergency Medical Dispatch and are equipped to provide crisis support during severe weather and natural disasters. The voice you'll hear is specially trained to help you.
Emergency Services
Specially trained and certified Advisors can pinpoint your exact location, contact emergency service providers, and offer medical assistance until emergency services arrive.2
Linda Elam, FL
"I don’t think people can completely understand what OnStar does until you need it," Linda says. "It has such unique value. You don’t think you need it until something like this happens."
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Automatic Crash Response
40,455 Calls/Year
OnStar Advisors answered 40,455 Automatic Crash Response calls in 2017. Advisors can be automatically connected to Members who have been involved in an accident and send help if they need it.3
Automatic Crash Response
Every minute counts. Built-in sensors can automatically alert an OnStar Advisor when a crash has taken place. Using this information, Advisors can help prepare first responders based upon predicted severity.
Thea Cassia, MI
"An OnStar Advisor was asking if I was OK. He told me I had been in an accident and said they were calling an ambulance and the police. He asked if I was bleeding or if I felt like anything was broken. It made me feel better that there was someone there to make sure I was OK."
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Stolen Vehicle Assistance
622 Calls/Month
The unthinkable does happen. OnStar Advisors answer an average of about 622 Stolen Vehicle Assistance calls per month.
Stolen Vehicle Assistance
Once you report your stolen vehicle to OnStar, Advisors can utilize GPS technology to locate your vehicle, alert authorities and, in some cases, remotely slow down your vehicle so thieves won’t get far. With Remote Ignition Block, OnStar can also remotely prevent a thief from restarting your vehicle.
Det. Dave Graham, IL
"OnStar tracks the vehicle for us, so we don’t have to chase it. We follow it in an unmarked car, then when we’re close enough, we tell OnStar to slow it down. It’s beautiful."
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Drive confidently — safe and secure with OnStar.
Planning for a Summer Family Road Trip? Before you hit the road, there’s a few steps that’ll get you and your family prepared for the road ahead.

Visit for coverage map, details and limitations.

Services are subject to user terms and limitations, and vary by vehicle model. Requires subscription to Security Plan, Guidance Plan, or Safety & Security Plan. These services are intended to assist with vehicle recovery, and do not prevent theft or protect against damage or loss. Check here for more details.

1OnStar Emergency Advisors are certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. Not all vehicles may transmit all crash data.

2OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers.

3OnStar plan, working electrical system, cell service, and GPS signal required. OnStar links to emergency services. Visit for details and limitations.

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