15 Spooky DIY Halloween Wreaths

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The Halloween season is almost here, so it is time to decorate your home. Give your front door a spooky Halloween look with one of our 15 simple to do it yourself wreath.

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    DIY Halloween Candy Wreath
    DIY Halloween Candy Wreath. The Hand Crafted Life

    For a less frightful option suitable for younger children try crafting this do it yourself yellow, orange, and black candy wreath which is made out of pieces of candy for your front porch.

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    DIY Black Feathered Wreath
    DIY Black Feathered Wreath. Warm Hot Chocolate

    The Halloween be inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe and decorate your home with a raven theme, keeping everything black with some feather or black raven paper silhouettes around your home. The feathery texture of this wreath made from inexpensive feather boas is so visually appealing that you will love how it looks against your front door and is a perfect way to complete you raven themed decor.

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    DIY Mini Pumpkins Front Door Wreath
    DIY Mini Pumpkins Front Door Wreath. Mountain Modern Life

    Instead of the typical orange and black color scheme pick more neutral hues to decorate your front porch this fall. This classy DIY mini pumpkin wreath, with white painted pumpkins on a grapevine wreath, will look amazing on your door this fall, and close to Halloween you can add a small sign that says Happy Halloween to customize the wreath for Halloween, allowing you to use the same wreath all fall.

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    DIY Elegant Gothic Wreath
    DIY Elegant Gothic Wreath. The Long Thread

    If you are looking for an understated Halloween wreath that is the perfect mix of gothic and yet still elegant this simple DIY black ribbon wreath should do just the trick. With just one roll of black ribbon, you can quickly tie pieces of ribbon around the wire frame and can have a Halloween wreath ready to hang in minutes, perfect for all you busy parents.

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    DIY Painted Spiders Wreath
    DIY Painted Spiders Wreath. Landeelu

    Spray paint your old eucalyptus wreath to create a black wreath for Halloween that can then be enhanced with creepy with glittery orange spiders that will look amazing against the black eucalyptus. 

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    DIY Creepy Monster Eyes Halloween Wreath
    DIY Creepy Monster Eyes Halloween Wreath. Pink Texas Chick

    For a spooky twist add creepy monster eyes to go around your Halloween wreath that will make it seem like there are hidden creatures lurking within it. Everyone who dares to ring your doorbell this Halloween will be in for a fright when they see your new DIY wreath.

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    DIY Halloween Felt Wreath
    DIY Halloween Felt Wreath. All Things Simple

    Make a bright orange wreath using cut circle pieces of felt to give a soft fluttery wreath which is perfect for fall, and leading up to Halloween you can give it a spooky look by adding a decorative spider accent to complete the look.

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    DIY Skeletons Hands Halloween Wreath
    DIY Skeletons Hands Halloween Wreath. Tried And True

    Assemble decorative plastic skeleton hands in a circle around a small blackboard circle to form your own creepy Halloween wreath that will look outstanding on your front door this fall.

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    DIY Funeral Black Rose Wreath
    DIY Funeral Black Rose Wreath. The Brass Paper Clip Project

    Add a gothic flair to your front door by decorating it with a black rose wreath that can be made spray paint silk flowers black to create this sophisticated, yet spooky Halloween wreath.

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    DIY Boo Bunting Wreath
    DIY Boo Bunting Wreath. Simply Kierste

    Using a standard grapevine wreath temporarily decorate it with woven orange and black ribbons along with a handmade boo banner strung across the middle to create this stylish wreath perfect for Halloween.

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    DIY Burlap Wreath
    DIY Burlap Wreath. Shy By Design

    If you are looking for a more rustic Halloween look this burlap wreath complete with large purple boo sign and spider should do just the trick.

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    DIY Skeleton Wreath
    DIY Skeleton Wreath. Made In A Day

    This creepy DIY skeleton wreath that warns guests to enter if they dare can help turn your home into a frightening haunted mansion. 

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    DIY Halloween Skull Wreath
    DIY Halloween Skull Wreath. Tried And True

    For a super inexpensive Halloween wreath idea, this DIY Halloween skull wreath is the perfect project to try this fall. Made out of  styrofoam mini skulls which can be found at the dollar store, the black glittery wreath will give a spooky first impression to your home when guests ring your doorbell this fall.

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    DIY Halloween Yarn Wreath
    DIY Halloween Yarn Wreath. Fifi At About Blogging Time

    For the knitters and crocheters out there, use some of your extra wool to create a Halloween wreath for your home by wrapping orange wool around a wreath to give it a new look.

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    DIY Spider Web Wreath
    DIY Spider Web Wreath. She's Crafty

    Using orange tulle craft a festive spider web wreath that will welcome trick-or-treaters to your home.