15 Fun Spring Break Activities for Children

Overhead view of a child making spring construction paper art

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Beat any boredom over spring break with some fun and creative activities. With just a little planning, you can keep kids engaged and even work in a little education. Plus, many activities can actually be enjoyed from the comfort of home.

Here are 15 spring break activities that are great for kids.

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    Blow Bubbles

    family playing with bubbles
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    The sunshine and warm weather is back, so break out the bubbles. Point out to your kids how the light can make those bubbles look like magical rainbow-colored spheres.

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    Enjoy Nature Activities

    kids on a blanket on grass
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    Now that you can actually go outside without having to wear a snowsuit, enjoy some of the new life sprouting around you. Play games outside, go on a treasure hunt, or camp in the backyard. Learn about the new plants that are sprouting with your kids, and take note of the animals returning to the landscape.

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    Fly Somewhere From Your Living Room

    child playing with a toy airplane
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    Go anywhere you want in the world without ever leaving home. Play airplane with your children, and simulate a flight to your ideal destination. Let them pick the place (or places) where they want to go, and dress for the weather there. Learn some facts about that destination as you munch on typical airplane snacks.

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    Read Outdoors

    child reading outside
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    Plan an afternoon reading picnic during spring break. Spread a blanket in the grass, and take turns reading to each other. Flip through books on your own. Or make up your own stories. What matters most is the quality time you spend showing your kids the importance of sitting down with a good book.

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    Take a Day Trip

    excited kids in the backseat of a car
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    Jump in the car, and take a short road trip. Spend the day visiting a nearby city or attraction. If you are having problems deciding what to do and where to go, then hold a lottery. Ask your family members to write down a nearby attraction or town they want to visit on a piece of paper, throw the papers in a hat, draw one, and go.

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    Plant Spring Flowers

    father and daughter gardening together
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    The ground has thawed, and that barren patch of dirt is practically begging for some color. Plant spring flowers with your children during their time off from school. Take them to the nursery, and let them choose some flowers for your spring garden. Teach your children about the plants, and assign them duties to tend to the garden.

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    Share Your Love of Music

    kids lying on grass listening to headphones
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    How often have you heard an old song and it instantly transported you to another time and place? Imprint your music-loving memories on your children. Spend some time sharing your favorite songs with them, and bring the music to life with fun activities, such as musical chairs or a family dance party.

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    Host a Family Movie Night

    family watching TV together
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    After a busy day of play, end your evening with a family movie night. But make it an extra special movie night. Turn your home into a movie theater, complete with a concession stand, homemade movie tickets, and movie reviews after the credits roll.

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    Visit Museums and Theaters

    child at a museum looking curious
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    There is plenty of spring break fun to be had at children's museums, theaters, and art museums. Many are even free. Target Free Days is a year-round program that gives parents and their kids free or discounted admission to thousands of family-friendly venues. So not only do kids get to spend a day burning off that bottled-up energy, but you might not even have to pay a dime for it.

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    Stay Busy on Rainy Days

    child painting
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    Those unpredictable spring showers can put a damper on your outdoor plans during spring break. So have a back-up plan in place with indoor activities to keep kids busy. For instance, have them make artwork that you frame and hang together. Or engage in a creative writing activity.

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    Start Your Own Holiday Traditions

    family painting Easter eggs
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    Spring break is an excellent time to get ready for the upcoming spring holy days—Easter, Passover, Eid, or Ramadan—if you celebrate them. Prepare Easter baskets, and dye eggs together. Do kid-friendly Passover crafts, such as making a seder plate or Elijah cup. Or even make a Ramadan advent calendar.

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    Create Spring Crafts

    child making paper flowers for a card
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    Break out the pastel paint colors, and get crafty with projects that usher in springtime. For example, learn how to make beautiful flowers out of paper. Or make some birdhouses for all the feathered friends returning to the landscape. You also can paint flower pots and then plant some seeds in them.

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    Sign Up for a Spring Break Camp

    kids in a line at camp

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    Camp isn't just for summertime. Many groups offer spring break camps complete with fun activities to keep kids active and entertained. Local libraries also often have spring break programs for kids that are planned around their days off school. Plus, even if you don't take advantage of a spring break camp, springtime is perfect to get your kids signed up for summer camp before everything fills up.

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    Enjoy a Playcation

    kids playing on a cardboard pirate ship

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    Have a "playcation" during spring break week where there's nothing on the agenda but to play. Put away the phones and other electronics, and use your imagination. Build forts, or create a cardboard pirate ship, for example. There's no limit to the amount of quality, imaginative play you can sneak in during spring break.

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    Plan Your Summer Vacation

    family walking on a beach
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    While the kids are home for spring break, take some time to plan a summer vacation together. Involve the kids in sketching out the possible places you can go and the activities you can do. Make a list of the options, and discuss the pros and cons of each. At the end of spring break, have everyone cast a vote for where they want to go.