52 Beautiful Spring Centerpiece Ideas for Your Table

Closeup of a spring table scape with a vase of flowers as a centerpiece

The Spruce / Jason Donnelly

A simple way to get your home spring-ready is to put that table setting decor in rotation. Think about the serve ware, linens and centerpieces you own that are seasonally appropriate and pair well with fresh blooms. This is also a great opportunity to put together a wishlist of items you need to complete your tablescape. Spring means a lighter and brighter kind of gathering than its cozy winter counterpart, and your centerpiece should reflect that. Keep things light, airy and consider the available materials during this time of the year. 

Here are 26 beautiful spring centerpiece ideas to brighten your home and welcome the season. 


Make Your Grocery Store Flowers Look Like an Expensive Bouquet

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    Add Some Wicker

    White vase of flowers surrounded by empty wicker vases

    @ciaofabiana / Instagram

    Wicker is the perfect texture to add to your springtime table. Whether you fill wicker vessels with flowers or simply allow them to make a statement on their own, you can't go wrong.

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    Try a Tray

    Tray containing decorative items and vase of flowers on table

    @lizb_home / Instagram

    Grab one of your favorite trays and use it to corral items for a cohesive display. In the event you need to make extra space on your table when it's time to eat, trays are easy enough to pick up and move, making them an ultra practical solution, too.

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    Bring on the Branches

    Candles and clear glass vase containing branches on dining table

    @sparrowhomedesign / Instagram

    A glass vase filled with tall branches looks nice and elegant on this table. Go forage in your own backyard for a budget-friendly decor solution, or pick up a few faux branches at the store and reuse them season after season.

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    Light it Up

    Flowers and group of three lit candles on dining table

    @creativedee_239 / Instagram

    Lighting candles always makes any dining table feel more elevated and luxe. Groups of three look best when styling; this candle trio shines—literally—without being overwhelming.

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    Make It Last

    Dried yellow flowers in clear glass vases on dining table

    @mesas_de_fita / Instagram

    Dried florals are lovely due to their longevity—no need to purchase a new bouquet every week! If you choose to go this route, pick up blooms in a fun, seasonally appropriate color that will really pop—here, yellow makes a sunny statement.

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    Get Rustic

    Dining table with white ceramic flower vase centerpiece

    @theholidayhousedecor / Instagram

    If your style leans rustic, a white pottery vase will complement your decor perfectly. This tablescape is shabby chic and charming!

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    Elevate the Everyday

    Dining table with wicker basket and pitcher of green cuttings

    @livinlavieinrose / Instagram

    Elevate the everyday by placing salt and pepper in adorable shakers, bringing in some green touches, and displaying a table runner that brings you joy. This space nails all of the above!

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    Shop Your Backyard

    Shallow wicker basket containing potted plant, cut flowers, and pinecones

    @bebefinihome / Instagram

    Make a centerpiece that celebrates beautiful elements found within nature: Pinecones, branches, greenery, moss, and more. This simple yet classic arrangement will look stunning in a woven basket.

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    Say Yes to Moss

    Wood box with hyacinth flowers, bare branches, and moss

    @missfrondherbariums / Instagram

    Here is another beautiful example of a natural centerpiece featuring florals and moss. Nothing says "spring" more than this type of setup, and it's so earthy and natural.

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    Fill a Dough Bowl

    Dough bowl filled with candles and greenery on dining table

    @januarymarketco / Instagram

    Dough bowls are a favorite when it comes to centerpiece setups, as they can be filled with anything and everything! This one looks lovely with candles and greenery, but you could also place pinecones, potpourri, or even candy inside, just to name a few other suggestions.

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    Commit to a Theme

    Dinner table with butterfly-themed accents

    @vickymami8482 / Instagram

    Why not commit to a theme? This butterfly-filled table is so cheerful and sweet. Grab some butterfly plates, coasters, candles, straws, and napkins to get the party started.

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    Think Outside the Box

    Candles, rocks, and trays of succulents placed on table runner

    @rareearthmercantile / Instagram

    Geodes add an unexpected touch and some fun texture to this tablescape. Don't be afraid to think outside the box a bit when choosing centerpiece decorations; now is the time to be creative.

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    Look to Nature

    Sheep decorative items next to pitcher containing pussy willow cuttings

    @curating_a_home / Instagram

    Sweet spring sheep look right at home on this tablescape. If you have young ones at home, don't be afraid to get into the seasonal spirit with some sweet animal decor.

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    Break Out a Board

    Wood board used to anchor dining table centerpiece items

    @prettyandprintedshop / Instagram

    Use a wooden board to anchor your centerpiece and elevate it off the table a bit for some added flair. Simply shop your kitchen for a piece like this, you might be surprised how many of your functional pieces can do double duty.

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    Style Your Fruit

    Line of flowers vases and various fruits on dining table

    @littlelattihouse / Instagram

    Have fun with colorful fruit! This setup is better for a large gathering rather than for day to day purposes, of course, but incorporating seasonal fruits into your decor (which guests can also enjoy as they dine) looks fancy and festive.

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    Squeeze the Day

    Bowl containing lemons and limes at center of round table

    @firekinggrill / Instagram

    Similarly, lemons and limes make for great centerpiece decor and are perfect to keep on hand if you plan on whipping up cocktails for guests. Or try a simple yet refreshing mocktail by filling a glass with sparkling water, some lemon and lime, and a dash of grenadine.

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    Think Tall

    Tall cut branches in simple white vase on dining table

    @werethewhites_ / Instagram

    If you have an open floor plan, something like a a simple vase with tall branches can be appreciated from other rooms of your home. This arrangement is simple yet has excellent height.

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    Go Big With a Bowl

    Oversized bowl containing green cuttings on dining table

    @haneens_haven / Instagram

    An oversized bowl can serve a number of purposes; this one looks nice and moody whether left empty or filled with branches. In the winter, you can fill it with pinecones, and in the fall, style it with little gourds.

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    Vintage French Bottles

    Cut flowers in vintage French champagne bottle
    Wedding Chicks

    Vintage French bottles are another vessel for a spring floral centerpiece with an air of romance. The gorgeous attention to detail in the bottles will be sure to make your arrangement stand out at the dinner table. Try sourcing vintage French bottles on Etsy.

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    Pay Homage to the Ocean

    Seashells in shallow bowl on outdoor dining table

    @coletteinteriors / Instagram

    If your home is decorated in coastal style, say yes to seashells wherever you can! They look perfect as part of this ocean-inspired tablescape. Gather your own the next time you head to the beach—kids will enjoy taking part in this activity, too.

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    Use a Cloche

    Green peppers under glass cloche

    @ovandony / Instagram

    Use a glass cloche to draw attention to a special object. Cloches are a classic decor piece that will never go out of style and can house candles, trinkets, and more—they're so timeless and chic.

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    Be Cheery

    Yellow forsythia cuttings in vase with topiary-style bunnies on table

    @hausmatter / Instagram

    Branches and bunnies—name a better combo! This spring-like setup is just too adorable and will be appreciated by young and older members of the family alike.

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    Showcase That Silver

    Candles and silver pieces in a line on dining table

    @saraiyaisrael37 / Instagram

    Break out the silver—it will elevate any tablescape and get the attention it deserves. No more keeping those special pieces behind cabinet doors for good, it's time to use those heirlooms!

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    Pick Up a Fun Planter

    Ceramic swan planter filled with colorful cut flowers on table

    @craftingculture / Instagram

    Fill a fun planter like this swan beauty with the blooms of your choosing—the more eclectic of a piece and the brighter the florals, the better.

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    Showcase Your Craftiness

    Row of folded patterned paper vases containing tulips on table

    @emmaandjeanstudio / Instagram

    Would you believe that these vases are actually made out of paper? Try your hand at a crafty centerpiece like this and wow your guests instantly.

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    Display a Collection

    Row of vintage glassware containing cut flowers on tablerunner

    @lalasacks / Instagram

    If you have a collection of vintage glassware, group some of your favorite pieces together for a collected look. Or head to the local thrift store or flea market and start your hunt today.

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    Make It Symmetrical

    Candles and vases in symmetrical setup on round dining table

    @lalasacks / Instagram

    Use candles and a vase to create a symmetrical setup that can be appreciated from any angle. We love the idea of going for bright and bold candles rather than plain off-white ones to add a little extra pizzazz to the table.

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    DIY Flower Centerpiece

    Flower arrangement on table in front of white wall
    Local Creative

    If you are planning a trip to the local farmer's market, make sure to pick a color palette appropriate for the season and ask what flowers are best for the time of year. Follow this DIY tutorial to create this masterful floral centerpiece for your spring table.

    DIY Flower Centerpiece from The Spruce

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    Paper Plant Centerpiece

    Various-sized vases filled with DIY paper plants
    The House That Lars Built

    For an everlasting centerpiece, use paper instead of real plants. Your kids will love to help with this project. Everyone sitting around the dinner table can feel accomplished and proud of their hard work.

    Paper Plant Centerpiece DIY from The House That Lars Built

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    Play With Your Food

    Sliced clementines and kiwis on round and rectangular plates
    Oh Joy

    These cute clementines with faces make the sweetest centerpiece. Celebrate spring with the freshest fruit and the cutest arrangements. Add some celery and cucumber for a perfect palm tree addition to your table. Get creative, and see what other characters and scenes your fruits and veggies may inspire!

    Play With Your Food Idea from Oh Joy

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    Plaster Planters

    Small succulents in pastel plaster planters
    Paper N Stitch Blog

    Less messy to work with than concrete, these adorable planters make such a picture perfect centerpiece for spring. Remember to incorporate lots of pastels when making important color decisions.

    DIY Mini Plaster Planters from Paper N Stich Blog

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    Colorful Spring Bouquet

    Colorful spring bouquet in a clear glass vase
    Paper N Stitch Blog

    A simple colorful spring bouquet is often all you need. Keep it bright, vibrant and happy. Choose stems that make you feel good.

    DIY Colorful Spring Bouquet from Paper N Stitch Blog

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    Hanging Oversized Herb Bundle

    Oversized herb bundle hung above table
    Sunday Suppers

    Sometimes the best centerpiece is not always on the table. Hanging a fragrant oversized bundle of herbs is a subtle but impactful way to update your spring setting.

    Hanging Oversized Herb Bundlefrom Sunday Suppers

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    DIY Paper Flower Centerpiece

    Centerpiece of colorful paper flowers in a basket
    The House That Lars Built

    If paper plants aren't your thing, give paper flowers a try. They're equally as beautiful and longer lasting than their plant counterparts. A paper flower centerpiece will definitely last you all through the entire spring season.

    DIY Paper Flower Centerpiece from The House That Lars Built

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    Blush Rose Bundles

    Blush roses closeup viewed from above
    100 Layer Cake-let

    ​Blush is a color synonymous with spring. An arrangement of roses in shades of blush will have guests in a spring daze throughout their meal. It's hard to go wrong with a table full of roses.

    Blush Rose Bundles from 100 Layer Cake-let

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    Painted Leaves

    Placing philodendron leaves spray painted in pastel colors into vases
    Paper N Stitch Blog

    Philodendron leaves are beautiful on their own. Their natural green color is a lively reminder of spring. If you are feeling extra festive, spray paint your leaves in spring pastels that match your table palette.

    Painted Philodendron Leaves from Paper N Stitch Blog

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    All the Flowers

    Large vase of flowers surrounded by smaller vases of flowers
    100 Layer Cake-let

    Flowers on the table, flowers on the wall. Flowers really can be anywhere you prefer when it comes to spring centerpieces. This setup would take a hefty haul from the farmer's market but makes for a beautiful display. Send guests home with their own small bouquet from the centerpieces.

    Flower Centerpieces from 100 Layer Cake-let

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    Moroccan Nights

    Moroccan inspired centerpiece with lantern and vases of cut flowers
    100 Layer Cake

    Lanterns are a Moroccan staple and also are a lovely centerpiece idea for spring events. Use one or gather multiple lanterns in all shapes and sizes for a lovely lighting effect for outdoor gatherings.

    Moroccan Centerpiece from 100 Layer Cake

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    An Edible Topper Cake

    Layer cake topped with grapes on a pedestal cake stand
    Paper N Stitch Blog

    A gathering does not always require a sit-down feast in the spring. Sometimes it just consists of small bites, tea, and cake. For a casual gathering, a decadent cake is a beautiful centerpiece idea. We especially love the idea of adding fruit or macaroons as edible cake toppers.

    Edible Topper Cake from Paper N Stitch Blog

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    Flower Garland

    Strand of garland with flower blossoms
    Style Me Pretty

    A sweet strand of garland is an uncomplicated way to beautify your table. A long strand of the lushest greens with a couple of buds scattered throughout creates a centerpiece the guests at every seat can admire.

    Flower Garland from Style Me Pretty

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    Pastel Egg Centerpiece

    Flowers in pastel vase with pastel-dyed eggs at its base
    100 Layer Cake-let

    Easter is the quintessential spring holiday, so we must include this beautiful pastel egg centerpiece idea. This centerpiece is so sweet and beautiful paired with a coordinating pastel arrangement. 

    Pastel Egg Centerpiece from 100 Layer Cake-let 

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    Lavender Bundles

    Lavender bundles in glass jar and bottle on wood base
    Happy Wedd

    Entice your guests with the delicious smell of lavender. Create a calm, relaxing gathering where everyone can easily enjoy themselves with dried lavender bundles. Lavender also makes a beautiful garnish for cocktails and appetizers alike.

    Dried Lavender Centerpiece from Happy Wedd

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    Tea Tins

    Tea tins containing bunches of white flowers
    Style Me Pretty

    You surely have leftover tea tins around the house, and if not, you can always find pretty vintage tins at your local flea market. They come in all shapes, sizes and seem to be the perfect vessel for hydrangea, daisies and simple floral groupings. For an ideal centerpiece, lay out a group of tea tins at different heights in the middle of the table, or scatter throughout.

    DIY Tea Tin Centerpiece from Style Me Pretty

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    Painted Mason Jars

    Row of painted mason jars containing white flowers
    It All Started With Paint

    A row of marzipan colored mason jars filled with fresh spring flowers brings adds a rustic, shabby-chic touch to any gathering. This pretty little mason jar craft is quick and easy to do. Your next step is to choose your favorite spring buds to place in the jars, and you are all set.

    Painted Mason Jars from It All Started With Paint

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    Assortment of Bud Vases

    Various shaped bud vases each containing a single flower
    Pretty Designs

    A centerpiece easier than painted mason jar is an assortment of bud vases for your table. These delicate bud vases are petite, soft and romantic. If you are short on time this is a great option for setting a special mood without too much hassle.

    Assortment of Bud Vases from Pretty Designs

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    Colorblocked Vase

    Color-blocked vases containing white flower blooms
    Sarah Hearts

    For the DIY enthusiast who is looking for a centerpiece project, this color-blocked vase craft is perfect. Choose your color palette and watch your vase unfold. Tip: use neutral flowers with a bold, colorful vase. This way both your vessel and flowers will shine as the centerpiece.

    DIY Color Blocked Wood Vase Tutorial 

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    Crepe Paper Table Runner

    Desserts placed on crepe paper table runner
    Paper N Stitch Blog

    Often to celebrate spring you might prefer to gather effortless materials such as daisies and crepe paper. Try making your own crepe paper table runner and daisy combo for your graduation, baby shower or Easter dinner this spring.

    DIY Crepe Paper Table Runner from Paper N Stich Blog

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    Mini Cacti

    Mini cactus in a small white pot
    100 Layer Cake-let

    A single mini cactus in a pot is quite a statement. If you are looking for a Southwestern theme thing about incorporating these prickly little plants into your spring table arrangement. These cacti are bold and definitely a statement plant.

    Mini Cacti from 100 Layer Cake-let 

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    Monochromatic Centerpiece

    Colorful flowers in various bright yellow vases
    Paper N Stitch Blog

    A bold and cheery idea for a spring centerpiece is this sunshine yellow monochromatic grouping of vases. The pop of pink flowers really contrasts the yellow nicely as a happy way to welcome the season

    Monochromatic Centerpiece from Paper N Stitch Blog​

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    DIY Floral Chandelier

    Holding DIY flower chandelier with dangling flowers attached at stems
    The Sweetest Occasion

    If you are looking for something a little more colorful than a bundle of herbs hanging from your ceiling, try out this DIY hanging flower chandelier. Depending on the flowers you choose, you can create your own unique chandelier to match your surroundings. Remember, a centerpiece doesn't always have to be on the table.

    DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier Tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion

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    Fern Finisse

    Fern Leaves in glass bottles on dining table
    100 Layer Cake-let

    If you are working on a tight budget and need a gorgeous centerpiece to impress, turn to friendly ferns from your own garden to work their magic on your table. Green is lush, vibrant and has all the reminders of spring. Visit a local thrift store to coordinate a mix-and-match of beautiful vessels to house the fern leaves.

    Tips for Growing Fern Plants from The Spruce

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    Upcycled Lampshade Vases

    Upcycled lampshade vases containing flowers and plants
    The House That Lars Built

    Love the idea of upcycling or reusing objects? There are so many things around our house that we forget we have, such as old lampshades. Bet you didn't think a vintage lampshade makes such a cool vase for spring decor!

    Upcycled Lampshade Vases from The House That Lars Built