Spring Cleaning Pact for Working Moms

Working Moms can Spring Clean Without the Stress by Teaming up!

Don't do the Spring Cleaning alone! Make a Pact!. Anna Peisl/Stone/GettyImages

A working moms lifestyle plus spring cleaning can equal extreme overwhelm and stress. Thus this type of cleaning is wrapped up in every day cleaning instead of a few months or perhaps never gets done at all.  working moms are searching for less stress and more time to decompress not squeeze in more chores and even worse deep time-consuming cleaning.  So for most working moms the thought of spring cleaning is swept under the rug.

If this sounds like you and you really want to spring clean your home enlist the help of one to two friends to join a Spring Cleaning Pact.  The pact is to spring clean each other’s houses.  Spring cleaning is supposedly can’t be crammed into a weekend so the pact will have specific goals.  To help the recruitment process, create a Facebook event and include the following game plan and ground rules.

The game plan

  1. Set a “cleaning date”.  Pick a date and time for all of you to visit each woman’s house.  Set a start and end time so that everyone’s time and energy are respected.
  2. Prepare for your big day.  Make a list of things to clean.  Do you need to wash windows, shampoo the rugs, wash the walls or wax the linoleum floors?  If you need help creating this list look around the house for things that “should” be cleaned.  When you look at the curtains do you think “I should clean that”, or when you look at the silverware do you think, “I should polish all of this”.  Put these items on your list and prioritize them based on time as well as how much each “should” really bothers you.
  1. Be prepared on cleaning day.  When your Spring Cleaning Support Team arrives have all supplies needed to attain the pact’s goals.  Place your list in plain sight.  Spend a few minutes strategizing and delegating so everyone knows what is expected of them.  There will be time for socializing later so get straight to work.
  1. Turn a timer on.  This will alert everyone that the cleaning is over. 
  2. Have fun!  Turn the music on and start cleaning!  Serve water, seltzer, but save the wine for later.

Ground rules:

  • Bathrooms are off limits.  This is what I would do because bathrooms are just personal and one of the dirtiest rooms in the home.
  • Absolutely no going over the time limit.  Whatever doesn’t get done in the set amount of time doesn’t have to be done by the Working Mom Support team.  We purpose of creating this team is to save each other time, energy, and money not obtaining perfection.  You don’t want to take advantage of your friend’s kindness.
  • Keep moving and cleaning.  Hanging out with your girlfriends will elicit chit chat but avoid deep conversations, unless you can manage it and a scrub brush.  Although I know for me that cleaning is therapeutic, imagine how therapeutic it’d be with your close girlfriends in on the act!
  • No cleaning criticism, unless solicited.  If you feel the urge to critique feel gratitude.  You are very lucky to have some close girlfriends who’d spend a few hours on their day off to help you feel better in your home.
  • No bailing out on cleaning day.  This arrangement works because everyone is getting something out of it.  A clean house, time with friends, and a sense of accomplishment.  It’d be extremely impolite to cancel last minute on this pact.
  • Take before and after pictures.  This will enhance the sense of accomplishment!
  • Every cleaning date should be for the same amount of time.  Before creating your things to clean list, set the amount of time you will all spend at each other’s home.  It’d be unfair to spend four hours at one woman’s house and only two hours at another.  Equal opportunity! 
  • Schedule in breaks with a reward.  To help revive everyone’s Mommy Energy be sure to break for a few minutes.  You may want to set the timer for the first break, and then set it for the end time.  During breaks reward your team with a small reward, this could be food, a gold star sticker, have fun with it and make it a surprise reward.  It always feels great to be working toward something.
  • As a group, decide if kids are invited or not.  Watching over the kids could be a distraction to the event so decide ahead of time.

    When you are inviting friends to join your Spring Cleaning Pact share the benefits like everyone will get what they want, a cleaner home!  You will feel accomplished that you not only have a cleaner home but that you helped out a friend in need.  Asking for help is a tool for Working Mom survival.  We can’t “do it all” ourselves so team up!