7 Spring Cleaning Shortcuts Pros Love to Save Time and Energy

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In theory, spring cleaning sounds great. With one, dedicated weekend, you can focus on decluttering, reorganizing, and scrubbing your space until it sparkles. Then, when it's over, you kick off the new season with a tidier, lovelier home.

In reality, spring cleaning can be more than a little overwhelming. It can often feel like there’s so much to tackle that you don’t know where to begin. Then, once you do get started, it’s not long before you’re exhausted, cranky, and ready for a break. 

As it turns out, it doesn’t have to be like this. With the help of some of our favorite cleaning pros, we've rounded up their best tips for saving time and energy while spring cleaning.

Meet the Expert

Have the Best Tools on Hand

Before you even begin, you should stock up on all the right tools for spring cleaning quickly and efficiently. Jill Koch of Jill Comes Clean tells us her two must-haves, and the first is the widely beloved vacmop.

“There are different types of vacmops out there but this is a great shortcut because it allows to you vacuum and mop at the same time,” Koch says. “Some work on only hard floors and others work on hard floors and carpets, but it saves so much time in cleaning your floors.”

The second must-have, according to Koch, is an extendable duster.

“On days when you don't have time to thoroughly dust by hand, an extendable duster allows you to get rid of dust in obvious areas all over the home—from up high to down low, on table tops and more, in a fraction of the time versus doing it by hand,” she tells us. 

To really level up your duster, Koch says you don’t need to do anything fancy—just add water. “I prefer ones that are a chenille or microfiber material and I mist them with water first so they are slightly damp," she says. "This will attract dust better and is better than dry dusting which just pushes dust around. Simply walk around your home brushing the duster over visibly dusty areas and you'll be amazed and the time you save and it will still look and feel cleaner."

Koch’s third suggestion isn’t a must-have, but it is handy if you’re on the go and have stairs to contend with. “A cordless stick vacuum is great because you're able to quickly vacuum versus having to lug out and plug in a standard upright,” she says. “We are more likely to clean something if it's easy and they definitely make vacuuming quicker and easier.” 

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Use the Right Cleaning Products

There's nothing worse than cleaning a surface and realizing it looks streaky or cloudy when you're finished. Much like having the right tools, Kristen Little, Senior Merchant of Cleaning for The Home Depot, says that the right products are imperative, too.

“Use an all-purpose cleaner,” says Little. “Save time and money by using one product that can be used on almost every surface in your home. A favorite and trendy product is The Pink Stuff—it’s a versatile multi-spray cleaner made for all hard surfaces at home, allowing you to hit every surface without taking the time to switch out products.” 

Little also suggests keeping one popular pantry staple on hand, too. “Vinegar can be used around your home, and even your garden.”

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Start in the Heart of the Home

One of the best rooms to tackle first is the kitchen, says Alex Wojenski, a cleaning expert at Grove Collaborative.

“Cleaning the kitchen will have a huge impact on the overall feeling of cleanliness in your home—even with a light cleaning,” says Wojenski. “Put away dishes and run the dishwasher. Wipe off counters and the sink and clean the stovetop. Finish by vacuuming the floor.” 

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Try the Power Half Hour

Mapping out a full day of cleaning might sound like the right approach, but Koch says she starts small—with just one thirty-minute session to get focused and organized.

“I call this the Power Half Hour and I start by picking up and putting away items that are sitting around and shouldn't be,” Koch says. “Once I tidy up, I'll take a duster or damp microfiber cloth and walk around wiping off the tops of dusty surfaces and then I vacuum. If doing the whole home [in thirty minutes], I'd skip the dusting. Instead, I pick up, tidy up, and then do a quick vacuum.” 

Wojenski takes a similar approach. “When I only have thirty minutes to clean up my space, I put away anything cluttering the floor and counters. I’ll then wipe off surfaces, and vacuum floors.” 

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Tackle Small Tasks With Big Impact

If you want to feel motivated to keep going, it’s a good idea to start with tasks that will have an immediate effect on the space. 

“I think vacuuming is the quickest thing you can do that has the biggest impact,” Koch says. “It doesn't take long to tackle several rooms, especially if you’re just vacuuming the obvious dust bunnies and dirt. In bathrooms, cleaning a dirty toilet bowl and quickly wiping down the sink makes the biggest impact in this area. I love using a soap dispensing brush for this because you just squirt some soap out, scrub, and rinse.”

Deep Clean All Spots

Little points out that spring cleaning are about cleaning those spots that don’t usually get attention—and this is key for making your space feel extra clean.

"Wipe down your baseboards and air vents. Rid your space of any lingering spider webs along the crease where walls and ceiling meet,” she says. “Don't forget to wipe down high-traffic areas like doorknobs, doors, and switch plates with an anti-bacterial cleaner. Vacuum couches and chair cushions, wipe ranges, grills, cooktops, vent hoods, and other kitchen appliances.”

Another common area that’s often neglected? Your trash can. “We can’t forget to clean the items that are meant to keep our homes clean,” says Little. “Wipe down your kitchen garbage can and use garbage bags that will keep your kitchen from smelling."

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Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Space

As the weather hopefully gets warmer, spring is also the time to switch your focus to your outdoor space

“Your outdoor space can reflect upon your indoor space,” says Little. “The quickest way to get your home’s exterior looking fresh is by trimming the lawn, getting rid of leaves, and making those windows sparkle.”

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