Spring Cleaning Timeline

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    Get Organized with a Spring Cleaning Timeline

    Spring Cleaning Timeline
    Spring Cleaning Timeline. Getty

    When someone says, "spring cleaning" to me, I automatically think of a commercial I must have seen years ago for laundry detergent. The actress in the commercial is talking about a "fresh spring clean scent" while very dramatically making up a bed: the sheets fly in the air before a soft landing on the mattress. In reality, spring cleaning means taking the time to deep clean your home. 

    So you know you have to spring clean--or at least, you want to Spring Clean. But maybe you are not sure:

    1. What...MORE that entails.
    2. Where to begin.
    3. What you need.

    This guide will answer those questions for you and wrap everything together in a timeline.

    ---> Week 1: Gathering Supplies

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    Week 1: Gather Your Spring Cleaning Supplies

    Planning your spring cleaning timeline
    Planning your spring cleaning timeline. Getty

    1) The first steps in any project are to plot out when you will tackle each step, and gather the supplies you need in order to accomplish the task. You don’t want to have to drop everything and run out for more garbage bags or a recycling bin. Gather them now, and store them together until you are ready to begin. In order to spring clean your home, you will need the following:

    ___ Calendar to plot out which spaces you will tackle and when

    ___ Cleaning Supplies

    ___ Garbage Bags

    ___ Recycling Bin or...MORE Bags

    ___ Label Marker, or,

    ___ Markers and Tape

    2) Make sure your cleaning supplies actually work. Is your vacuum working? Do you need extra bags? Is your broom filthy? Do you have rags to wipe down surfaces? Get everything in order this week. 

    3) Is there anything that you cannot clean yourself? Make those appointments this week. Book a window washer, bring your drapes to the dry cleaner, drop your large comforters off at the laundry mat.

    4) If you feel you need some support and motivation to get this done--and who doesn't? it's a big job--then join the Facebook Group

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    Week 2: Spring Clean Storage Spaces

    Spring cleaning the closet
    Spring cleaning the closet.

    Your instinct will be to begin with your most highly-trafficked areas like your kitchen and living room. Don’t! Begin your spring cleaning with your storage spaces like hall closets, the garage and the basement. This way as you clean and organize other space, your stuff has somewhere to go.

    Goal: The goal in each space is to assess the space, remove as much clutter as possible through donating, recycling or trashing, and then assess your storage. Do you need more storage containers? Do you need a...MORE storage solution to group items together?

    ___ Closet

    ___ Linen Closet

    ___ Utility or storage closets

    ___ Basement + Attic

    ___ Garage

    The goals is to clear these areas before you start cleaning and organized your shared and personal spaces. This way if you identify items that need to be stored, you already have room for them.

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    Weeks 3 & 4: Spring Clean Your Shared Spaces

    Spring clean the kitchen
    Spring clean the kitchen. Getty

    Now that the storage spaces are clear (or, clearer) move onto your shared spaces. These are the major high-traffic areas of your household.

    Goal: Declutter, deep clean, refresh supplies. This is just like doing a yearly check in with spaces you rarely see: the back of your freezer, the space behind your couch. Toss the junk, move furniture so you can deep clean and

    ___ Kitchen

    ___ Entryway

    ___ Bathrooms

    ___ Living room

    ___ Dining room

    Be armed and ready with your cleaning supplies, your garbage bags...MORE and you labeler for anything that need to be cleaned, trashed or stored.

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    Week 5: Spring Clean Personal Spaces

    A sunny children's bedroom
    Projects to help you organize your bedroom. Photo / Getty

    Now it’s time to dive into your personal spaces. These are the spaces you use work and live.

    Goal: Clear clutter, assess your systems, store the items you no longer need right out in front of you everyday.

    ___ Bedroom

    ___ Home office

    ___ Paper, Mail + Documents

    These are the items that deserve a little extra time: papers, books, jewelry.