17 Spring Colors to Brighten Your Home All Year

spring colors

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Painting your walls in fresh, energizing spring colors can give your decor an instant lift that will last all year long. Whether you prefer pastel Easter egg pinks, blues, and lavenders, earthy shades of green inspired by nature, or peppy bright shades of yellow, here are some ideas for spring paint colors that will transform your home and boost your mood, whether or not the sun is shining or the flowers are in bloom.

What is a spring color? 

Spring colors include fresh, energizing, nature-inspired shades of yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, or lavender that can range from pastel Easter egg shades to brighter hues. 

What are spring colors for decorating?

Fashion and interior design are constantly borrowing from one another and used interchangeably depending on the year or the designer. Spring colors range from Easter egg colors like pastel shades of pale blue, pink, yellow, green, and lavender, to brighter shades of green or fuchsia. Dress your home in any combination of mood-boosting spring colors.

What is the most popular spring color?

The favorite spring color changes from year to year, depending on moods, trends, and what has come before. Popular spring paint colors in recent years include blush pink and sage green, and spring paint colors for your home that work all year include versatile shades of pale yellow and blue. Don’t worry about being on trend—just pick your favorite springtime hue, or any combination of soft or peppy spring colors that will lift your spirits and elevate your decor.