6 Decor-Savvy Ways to Enjoy a Rainy April Day at Home

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    6 Decor-Savvy Ways to Enjoy a Rainy April Day at Home

    As the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and some of the more colorful birds are putting in a few early appearances, the signs are all pointing to one inescapable and really exciting conclusion: spring is swiftly approaching. Among the many things to look forward to in the coming season is that, with all of this new life flourishing around us, we can’t help but to feel the need for a bit of an update in our own homes. It’s time, at long last, to begin spring-cleaning.

    For...MORE some of us, spring cleaning is a chore. For others, spring cleaning is a must. And then there are those of us for whom spring cleaning is nothing less than a call to arms, inspiring us to charge into the aging fall-focused decor of our rooms with a mandate to create something totally new. We are one of those people. We are completely dedicated to this process in all of its springtime decorating glory - just…not yet.​

    While we can never diminish the value of an organized home or the fun of redesigning room by room, we are just not ready to break out the Swiffer duster and cleaning supplies just yet. We prefer a more relaxed approach to welcoming the arrival of spring. Fortunately, with March quickly coming to a close, the rainy days of April are sure to be shortly upon us, giving us just the yearly excuse we need to take things a little slow. 

    If you’re like us, then when it comes to design, rainy days are strongly off limits. That’s why we love April’s many rainy days. We are a firm believer that rainy days are meant to be spent enjoying the comforts of home, rather than creating new ones. So April showers help to create a sort of intermediary period between the arrival of spring and the beginning of an all-out redecorating phase. During that time there are a number of smaller design projects that we can take on to make our days in comfier, and once we are ready to begin the real work of spring, it’ll be amazing to see how much has already been done. So with all that in mind, and eagerly anticipating the first rains of April, here are six ways to prepare yourself and your home for a whole month of rainy days. Let the springtime staycations commence!  

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    Display A Healthy Dose of Plant Life

    April showers bring May flowers. Many of us grew up with this little nursery rhyme and we love seeing it come true every year. April can be a tricky month because although the excitement and anticipation for warm weather and blossoming plant life ​are in the air, it can still be a bit of a drag waiting for it all to get into full swing through the next couple of weeks of rain. So instead of spending the days with your face pressed against the window waiting to see the first permanent buds of the...MORE season, tweak your interior decor to give yourself a little preview of what's to come. You may already have a few plants in your home, but this is a great time to look for opportunities to go bigger with your plant displays. By showing a variety of seasonal plants, greenery and florals in big displays throughout your home you can bring an early sense of springtime sun to your space that will help cut through the gloom of the early rains. Adding more greenery to your home will create a tranquil environment while also helping to clean the air circulating through your rooms. 

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    Create A Cozy Reading Nook

    There are few joys in life as great as curling up with a good book on a rainy day. One of those few is having a dedicated space specifically made for you to curl up in. Create a relaxing oasis for yourself by carving out some space for your own personal reading nook. To create the ideal personal library, there are a few things you’ll want to be sure to add. First, try to choose an area with a lot of light. Near the window is always best, not only for the amount of natural light but also so that...MORE you can hear the rain as you turn the pages on your favorite stories. For styling, add a couple of pillows, some flowers and even a piece of art you that you love. Last but not least, you’ll want a space that’s near shelving or where you can add in a small table to make sure that there’s room for a pile of your favorite books, some snacks, and a drink. That way you can enjoy your book and the rain without interruption. ​

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    Switch To Spring Color Blankets

    During winter, cozy blankets are our best friends. And though spring gradually ushers in the warmer weather that we dreamt of all winter, there are still plenty of nights (and a few days) when blankets are still a necessity. To keep your toes toasty warm in early spring, opt for blankets that are a little lighter, but still extremely soft. Cashmere throws are perfect for springtime lounging. Also, try and look for soft color pallets that feature the colors you love most in the spring. There are...MORE a wide variety of blankets available in cool blues, soft pinks and mellow greens that are sure to bring a smile to your face and make you want to snuggle in a little deeper to enhance your rainy day relaxation.  

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    Update Your Mantel

    One sure way to get yourself and your home ready for spring are by rejuvenating the mantle area that sits over a fireplace. It’s time to do away with the pine cones and candles that made your winter theme work so well and replace it with something a little warmer. Add some shrubbery and flowers accompanied by festive spring accessories. Displaying a collection of tchotchkes in a bright white or other neutral tones will really make the colors of your plant life pop. Marble vases are also a great...MORE addition to any springtime mantel. Curling up by the fire is definitely one of the nicer parts of the winter months, but a mantle, newly decorated for spring and boasting all of the freshness and airiness that the season provides could be even nicer. 

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    Tea Time Indulgence

    If you're looking for a midday pick-me-up with a little decor thrown in for fun, it’s time to ditch your hot cocoa and get ready for teatime! Rainy days are the perfect excuse to break out the good china and throw yourself a tea party. The thing that makes tea so much fun is that, however you choose to do it, the decorating possibilities are nearly endless. You can treat yourself to high tea with a classic chinoiserie set or go ultra-modern with some of the best new ceramics from artists...MORE with a contemporary flair.  And once you've got the settings just right, add a springtime twist to your afternoon by treating yourself to teas that feature ravishing floral scents such as lavender and roses. Kusmi Tea has a great selection of fragrant and delicious teas that are sure to brighten up anyone’s rainy day. 

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    Netflix & New Pillows

    Netflix is to a rainy day like a birthday cake is to a birthday. You need it, you want it, and life is just better when it’s there. An unparalleled indulgence that includes crashing on your couch for long, blissful hours while binge-watching some of your favorite movies and TV shows, it’s something that we’ve all done, and that we all should do every so often. For rainy April days, Netflix is the perfect way to spend time on the couch. But before you get too lazy, take the opportunity to get...MORE active about the look of your sofa. Update your surroundings by adding some fun new pillows with a springtime look. Mixing color, pattern and texture are a great way to give your couch a modern appeal while also maximizing your comfort level.