45 Lovely Spring Front Porch Decor Ideas

spring front door wreath

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Spring is in the air, and that means one thing—front porch season is here! Decorating the porch or stoop is always an enjoyable way to usher in the arrival of warmer days. But if you're unsure where to begin when it comes to zhushing up your space, fear not—we've got you covered. Keep reading for 45 porch and stoop decoration ideas that will have you ready to embrace the spirit of the season.

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    Display New Pillows

    porch furniture and decor

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    Maybe your outdoor furniture and decor has seen better days. Revive your space with fresh new outdoor pillows that you'll be eager to use all season long. The addition of chairs and pillows also makes the front porch feel much more warm and welcoming, encouraging family and friends to come on by. (Just don't blame us if you make your space so cozy that your visitors never want to head on home!).

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    Pick a Theme

    nautical porch

    @tatertotsandjello / Instagram

    It can be fun to decorate your porch with a specific theme in mind. Then, every time you're out shopping, you'll enjoy keeping your eyes peeled for decorations that match the aesthetic you have in mind—it's like a mini scavenger hunt. Unsure where to begin theme-wise? This porch features nautical decor all throughout (there's even a "welcome aboard" sign adhered to the front door!).

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    Show Off a Green Thumb

    gardening decor

    @blueandwhiteblessings / Instagram

    Maybe you opt for a more general theme related to the season, like gardening. This piece of artwork features various garden tools and looks beautiful hanging on this colorful front porch that's filled with flowers. Just like you may show off a favorite hobby through your indoor decor, you should feel free to do so outside, too.

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    Hang a Chalkboard

    chalkboard art

    @varmazdesign / Instagram

    Chalkboards aren't just for indoors—they can be a great way to greet your visitors, too. Hang one up on the porch and jazz it up with a seasonal message or another friendly saying, as we see here. Plus, younger members of the family may enjoy utilizing the chalkboard to show off their artistic talents!

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    Install a Swing

    porch swing

    @jenniferannschnell / Instagram

    Now that warmer weather is finally here, you'll want to enjoy your front porch as much as possible. A porch swing is perfect for those carefree spring mornings spent out front sipping a cup of coffee before anyone else wakes up. The addition of a footrest makes it even easier to kick back comfortably for hours on end.

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    Add Some Stripes

    porch pillows

    @designsbynina1 / Instagram

    Striped designs are perfect for spring and summer. These pillows remind us that warm days are here alas—we should sit outside and enjoy them.

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    Add a Basket

    front door basket

    @sagehillcottage / Instagram

    Hang a basket to the outside of your front door and use it to display springlike accents—beautiful branches, florals, you name it. You'll smile every time you unlock the door after a long day.

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    Go Vintage

    shabby chic decor

    @peggyz_place / Instagram

    Shabby chic decor and springtime go hand in hand. Make use of salvaged windows and doors that double as porch decor. Your space will look unique, and you'll be going green by repurposing these unused items.

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    Set Up a Seating Area

    porch seating

    @bellbookandbrass / Instagram

    If your porch offers ample space, set up a little seating area off to the side, which you'll be able to enjoy fully now that the weather is nice again. All you need are a couple of folding chairs, some pillows, and a side table or two. A rug helps section off this little nook nicely, while planters and hanging accessories will make this spot feel ultra peaceful and springy. When the weather gets chilly again, simply fold the chairs up and set them inside the garage for easy storage.

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    Keep it Simple

    porch with plants

    @_debmartin / Instagram

    There's nothing wrong with keeping your porch more minimal if that's your style! Here, tall, leafy plants do the talking.

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    Try an Egg Chair

    porch with egg chair

    @cori.hatch / Instagram

    An egg chair is the perfect spot in which to curl up alone with a good book (or just to people watch!). Place one of these on your front porch this season, and we guarantee you'll never want to go back inside. A throw blanket is extra ideal if you plan to sit outside and read on chillier nights.

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    Don't Forget a Wreath

    spring wreath

    @shopboxgirl237 / Instagram

    Wreaths aren't just for the winter holidays; you can display one on your door any time you'd like! Choose a spring-like design and enjoy.

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    Choose a Peppy Doormat

    hello doormat

    @nicolegstyle / Instagram

    Doormats are one way to make a first impression—why not have a little fun with yours? Pick a design with a phrase or pattern that you'll be happy to see each and every day.

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    Or Do Some Layering

    layering doormats

    @destinyloves / Instagram

    You can also opt to layer two styles of doormats for the best of both worlds. Here, a small woven mat sits atop a larger one and looks super charming.

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    Bust Out a Big Planter

    porch with plant pot

    @williamswayinteriors / Instagram

    Large planters are having a major moment and are oh-so-stylish. This one holds a beautiful olive tree that visitors will surely want to stop and admire.

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    Or Go For Dried Florals

    dried flowers

    @alleycat2301 / Instagram

    There's nothing wrong with displaying dried flowers if real plants aren't so much your thing. Dried flowers often last several years and are still absolutely gorgeous both indoors and outside on the porch.

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    Create an Outdoor Living Room

    egg chair on the front porch

    @sarashappyhome / Instagram

    Transform your front porch into an outdoor living room of sorts by bringing typically indoor elements into the space. Here, an oversized chair, accent rug, coffee table, candle, and plant add cozy vibes to the outside. Think of the front porch as an extension of your home and really have fun decorating this spot.

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    Light Some Candles

    candles on porch

    @lisa.mc.pharm / Instagram

    Taller candles in wooden holders shine on this well-curated, rustic style front porch. We're sure it's the place to be during the day and at nighttime.

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    Squeeze in a Small Bench

    porch bench

    @thewillowwindow / Instagram

    Even the smallest corner can become a place to sit back and enjoy the outdoors if you get creative. Positioning a petite bench right by the entryway looks oh-so-cute and is a clever use of space. Plus, it serves as a handy spot to sit down and remove muddy rain boots before heading indoors.

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    Welcome Your Guests

    welcome sign

    @whitehouseinsuburbia / Instagram

    No need to go overboard—one friendly sign will go a long way! This "welcome" sign matches the home's exterior perfectly and offsets the planters on the other side of the door.

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    Include Touches of Yellow

    yellow decor on porch

    @coffeepancakesdreams / Instagram

    There's nothing more spring-like than a few pops of yellow! Get creative—look for doormats, planters, or wreaths with pops of this vibrant hue. These decorations will carry you into the summer months, too.

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    Bust Out Your Adirondack Chairs

    adirondack chairs

    @davenport_design / Instagram

    Adirondack chairs are a front porch staple. If you have the space for them, they're ultra classic and will stand the test of time, both due to their craftsmanship and popularity.

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    Or Set Out This Other Go-To Seating

    porch with rocking chairs

    @fernwayhome / Instagram

    More of a rocking chair person? You can't go wrong with placing this type of seating on the front porch, either. We foresee many spring days spent right here with a glass of lemonade in hand. Ahh, springtime bliss.

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    Set Up a Sofa

    porch sofa

    @stagerroz / Instagram

    Outdoor sofas make it possible to easily lounge outside with the whole crew without worrying about having enough seating. This setup could easily fit five comfortably. Why not host your next book club or game night from the porch?

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    Make the Functional Fun

    rainboots on porch

    @thefinleyfarmhouse / Instagram

    Always use your rainboots in the garden? Style them so that they blend in with your front porch vignette when not in use! We're all about finding the pretty in the practical.

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    Seriously, Try It!

    rainboots on porch

    @kraab04 / Instagram

    Once again, we see rainboots on display on this porch—when not being worn, they make a pretty adorable umbrella holder!

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    Hang a Mirror

    side table on porc

    @little_sisters_countryhome / Instagram

    Mirrors are by no means solely for inside the house. Hanging one on the porch will make this outdoor space feel a bit bigger, and the piece will reflect lots of beautiful sunlight.

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    Set Up a Side Table

    side table on porch

    @periwinklepixieco / Instagram

    Cute side tables like the one shown here aren't just for the living room. They make for great spots to set flower pots, gardening tools, or even trays of drinks while hosting. Bonus points if you can score one at a thrift store or yard sale for cheap!

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    Think Symmetrical

    symmetry on porch

    @pineapplesdesigngroup / Instagram

    When in doubt, go symmetrical! This setup looks orderly yet welcoming thanks to the abundance of colorful florals and cute candles.

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    Spread Holiday Cheer

    easter egg tree

    @thetuckersfarmhouse / Instagram

    Move over, Christmas tree—how about an Easter egg tree instead? The young and old alike will enjoy this colorful display of seasonal cheer.

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    Set Out a Bar Cart

    bar cart on porch

    Bria Hammel Interiors

    Bring the comforts of the living room out to the front porch with a stylish bar cart. Just bring any bottles and other valuables back inside when you're not hosting—you don't want your entertaining essentials to live outside permanently!

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    Gather Some Bunnies

    bunny decor

    @velveteenandgrace / Instagram

    Bunny decor is also perfect for Easter (and spring in general!). A few figurines like these will do the trick (and we're also eyeing that adorable bunny themed pillow).

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    Go Green

    greenery wreaths

    @brunoandlibby / Instagram

    Simple wreaths made from greenery will never go out of style and can be dressed up or down if you wish. For example, you could weave dried flowers with them for a more rustic touch or even jazz them up with some colorful ribbon.

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    Look Up High

    porch with planters

    @thehelmshouse_ / Instagram

    Don't forget to use your porch's height to your advantage when it comes to decorating! Installing hanging planters will allow you to add more greenery to your space in a snap.

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    Take a Seat

    dining set on porch

    @adventurenovelist / Instagram

    A petite dining set is all you need to enjoy dinners al fresco with a friend or solo. There's no need to invest in a larger table when a setup as simple as this one does the trick! Again, opting for something that can fold is always beneficial, particularly if you live in a small space.

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    Wow Them With Wicker

    planters on porch

    @juliabrackenridge / Instagram

    Oversized wicker planters look absolutely gorgeous on this front stoop. We're all about thinking outside the box when it comes to plant pots—look for a vessel that's sure to bring the charm! We guarantee the compliments will roll in.

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    Go Bold

    bold florals on porch

    @designsbykristeena / Instagram

    Go bold when it comes to front porch flower arrangements, like we see here. After all, you know what they say—you only have one chance to make a first impression!

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    Or Think Multipurpose

    front porch planters


    At the same time, there's something to be said for planters like these, which can easily be picked up and moved around the front porch as needed (not to mention, they can easily be stationed indoors during chillier weather, if that's a concern!).

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    Grab a Paintbrush

    painted porch floor

    Roxanne Kwiecinski

    Why not give your porch floor a little refresh with some paint? This DIY project is bound to have a lasting impact yet won't break the bank.

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    Then Tackle the Door

    painted front door

    Hayley Stuart

    Painting the front door is also a great way to add some oomph and welcome the new season in style. Whether you opt for a neutral color or a peppy hue is up to you; we're digging this glossy blue.

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    Restain for Spring

    staining front porch

    Nicole Brzuchalski

    Not feeling the paint? Staining your porch floors will also make a major difference in your outdoor space.

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    Stack Some Crates

    crates on porch

    Taryn Whiteaker

    While we've seen plenty of beautiful front porch displays featuring actual pieces of furniture, there's something to be said about going the simple route, too. Stacked crates can double as a darling side table and look super sweet dressed up with flower pots.

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    Hang a Sconce

    porch sconce

    Laine and Layne

    To enjoy a little extra light as the sun goes down, hang a sconce by your front door in addition to utilizing an overhead light.

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    Go Faux

    hydrangea wreath

    Giustana Miller

    Hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous, but we all know that they can be a bit tricky to care for. These faux hydrangea wreaths are the next best thing, and honestly they look so realistic that your neighbors will truly never know the difference.

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    Make a Plant Wall

    plant wall

    Bria Hammel Interiors

    We love this clever solution for displaying herbs and small plants—a wall unit! This setup is space-saving and sweet.