11 Ways to Decorate for Spring on a Budget

cathie hong updated blue space

Cathie Hong

Spring is here, and with the changing of the seasons comes the urge to change our decor. Especially with this spring, as it is the season of renewal. If you are coming out of winter with a house full of dark, cozy, and warm decor, you probably want to shed that and start anew.

However, redecorating can often be expensive, so we've asked home design experts to chime in on the ways to spruce up your home’s look without breaking the bank. 

Embrace the Outdoors

Spring brings new leaves and blooms all around outside but why limit the bounty to the outside? Get out your favorite vases and add a little nature inside as well. Devin Shaffer, the lead interior designer at Decorilla, touts blooms for their ability to add color to any room.

“Fresh flowers and greenery are an easy and affordable way to bring life and energy to any room. Not only do they add color and texture, but they can improve your mood,” he says. ”If you don't have a green thumb, faux plants are a great alternative that requires little to no maintenance and can still have a big impact on the overall look of the room.”

Add Color

Even a small change can speak volumes. If your budget allows only small updates, then make those switches in a space where you congregate most. Paint is relatively inexpensive and can really make your rooms look fresh for the new season.

Wallpaper is another option to make a big statement fairly easily. With newer, replaceable options, the commitment is low. If you don’t like it, you can take it down!

“If you select an area with a small square footage such as a powder room wall, the inside of a hallway niche, or the backing of a bookshelf, this can create a big impact without breaking the bank,” says Amber Dunford, the style director at Overstock.com. “And the added bonus of the wallpaper being removable can make it less scary than paint.”

Swap Accessories

Making a tired room look new again can also be as easy as adding new throws and pillows to your existing couch or chaise. You don’t even have to spend a dime if you have a candle holder or other items you love in other rooms of your home. There are no rules when it comes to accessories—anything goes, as long as you love it.

“Swapping out accessories allows you to be bold and fearless, but still remain on a leash and keep your renovations under budget,” says Manuel Munoz, an interior designer and production designer at Living Spaces. “Bring in touches of spring to your space by swapping out throw pillows for colors of the season—clay colors and shades of light pink mixed with creams and neutrals are all the rage."

Reframe Artwork

Take “shopping your home” to another level by finding fun frames for pieces you already love. Dunford suggests adding a complementary mat to something you have already framed or going big. “Smaller pieces of artwork can have more impact when surrounded by a wide mat, making them feel more high-end or special,” she says.

Frames don’t break the bank, but if you are looking to be extra kind to your bottom line, you can always use the frames you have and swap out which piece you have in each of them.  


If you are the crafty type, dig into your supplies and see what you already have. You can repurpose a pretty glass and glam it up to become a gorgeous vase or dress up your desk and have it hold your pens and pencils.

Rebecca Rouse, an expert home DIYer and blogger of Rouse In The House, touts using any discounts you can at a craft store to buy a base for a spring creation for your front door or wall. She recently did just that to spruce up her space and saved a bundle doing so.

“I used a coupon to pick up a grapevine wreath for $5, dug out some fake flowers I had in storage, and quickly DIYed a faux floral wreath,” she says. “This type of wreath would easily cost you $150+ if you were to purchase new, but by crafting your own, you can save major green!”

Use Others’ Art

Another way to make a big impact in a space of any size is to group your favorite photos together for your own private gallery wall. This doesn’t mean you need to go to an art studio and fork over a bundle. You can find reasonably priced wall options and then frame them yourself with what you already have or find on sale. 

“Head to Etsy and search for 'vintage art botanical printables' or 'pastel watercolor printables,''" says Rouse. “You'll find tons of beautiful budget-friendly options that you can download and print at home. Then, arrange your printed artwork in your favorite frames—you've got your own one-of-a-kind gallery with a fresh spring feel.”

Change Window Coverings

With the gray days of winter (hopefully) behind us, our homes are just as ready as we are for sunny days ahead. Many people often use heavy curtains to block the chilly temperatures of the winter season, so changing out the draperies can be a simple way to add some color and texture to the space. Depending on your privacy preferences, you might consider adding sheers in a spring color that matches or complements your decor. 

Rearranging your furniture to allow for the most natural light also goes a long way toward freshening up your home. Let your windows do their thing and let the sunshine in.

"In addition to changing a room’s look, making way for more natural light is good for you. Natural light helps us regulate and lift our mood, so window treatments that adjust or allow for light to enter is a helpful addition,” says Dunford. “Dropping a beautiful mercury glass pendant over an eating area will create a soft glow in your space and immediately help it feel chicer.”

Update Lighting

In addition to letting windows breathe, interior light deserves a look in any seasonal change-up. A few strands of twinkle lights add a touch of whimsy to a bedroom or living area. If your existing fixtures are not your favorite, spring is a great time to consider a swap that makes a statement instead. Why not go big and bold with your update? Lighting does a lot for a room, especially in spring.

“My number one tip to update a space without doing a full renovation is to play around with the lighting. One fun way to do this would be to add an oversized chandelier,” says Jessica Harris, interior designer and manager of production design at Living Spaces. “This is a great, affordable refresh to a room that will be noticed by guests right away. Chandeliers are not just for providing light—they are stunning works of art in and of themselves.”

To make the most of your new lighting sources, add a large mirror or grouping of smaller mirrors to a wall or mix and match styles if it suits your taste. New mirrors do more than provide a reflection of your style, they also reflect your lighting to increase the brightness. 

Revamp Cabinets

Replacing the hardware on your cabinets in the kitchen and elsewhere will provide a subtle shift that changes a room. Or you can go bold with a modern, fun set of knobs and pulls. Home improvement stores have a dizzying array of styles or secondhand shop for them instead.

No matter which style you choose, Dunford suggests measuring the space between each screw hole so you know which size to search for. As with any home project, measuring everything at least twice to ensure success. 

Don't Forget the Bathroom

One of the most overlooked spots when it comes to updating decor is the bathroom. Whether it’s one used for guests or where you start your morning routine, changing the shower curtain to something bold and bright starts the day off right. Add a matching bath mat and hand towels, and you are set for spring. 

Even adding just a sprig of eucalyptus to your shower head will also give you an energy boost. “Not only will it add a touch of green, but the steam from your shower will release this wonderful plant’s scent,” says Erika Soza-Mejia, a designer who runs Concept 2 Design in Florida.

Bring in a New Aroma

Speaking of wonderful scents, be sure to include updated offerings for the new season. Whether you use candles, diffusers, or any other aromatic items, a new smell will set the mood for your updated space. This change represents a shift away from the holiday season and prepares your home up for spring.

“It's time to put away the pine-scented candles and vanilla hand soap,” says Pattie Kelly, president and decorator with Inspired Home Interiors. “Bring in spring scents like white gardenia and peony. Hand soaps, diffusers, scented candles, and even stovetop potpourri can make it feel like spring indoors, without the pollen.”

Decorating for the season doesn’t have to drain your bank account. With these ideas and a little creativity, you can change your home’s look and still have some change in your pocketbook.